Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tuesday Topics

I've heard that Wacky Waters won't be opening this year? The website says it opens June 4th (this past Sunday) so maybe it was just a nasty rumor. I don't catch the TV news much, but I haven't seen anything about this in the QCTimes. Any summer lifeguards out there with info on this? It wouldn't be good news for the area if WW closed. Maybe I'll call out there this afternoon and find out.

Over on Alderman Frink's new blog, below the post trying to justify the East Village bigotry, is a post about walking door to door. Within that post, someone asks about some West Davenport sites in the Kimberly/Fairmount/Hickory Grove area. In response, Alderman Frink mentions "The 'Tractor Supply' project" without any explanation of where this is proposed. Is this also a case of me being out of the news loop, or is this breaking news? Tractor Supply is sort of similar to Farm and Fleet, so I doubt they'll be pleased with this possible development.

Former-Mayor, Former-Police Lieutenant Yerington has a letter to the editor in the QCTimes today.

Also in the Times, apparently they tried a different version of the dam lighting again last night, but didn't advertise it to the (unimportant?) citizens of Davenport and Rock Island. Maybe afraid of more negative comments? Lighting the dam is a good idea, and it doesn't need to look amazing... just less dark. That said, I like the blue lights idea. Read the article here.

I had a friend from WIU in town this weekend who had never been to Davenport. As I usually do with visitors, I showed him the Skybridge both during the day and at night. In the daytime it feels like a fairly dignified structure with an amazing view, and at night its more like "this must be what alien spaceships are like." Both versions are worth seeing. What I was struck by was the number of people visiting the bridge both times we were up there. At 9:30pm or so Saturday there must have been 25 people up there. Many of them seemed to be out of town guests, probably in Davenport for the airshow. I wonder if this will be one of those things that people dislike at first but slowly becomes appreciated over time. Or maybe its just a vocal minority that dislikes it, and the rest of town brings any guests from out of the area down there to enjoy the amazing river view. I think its the latter.

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Wacky Waters opens June 17th