Friday, June 09, 2006

Even better airshow images

I don't know who Liza Eckardt is, but she seems to be some sort of airshow insider. She has over 65 professional-grade pictures from the 2006 Quad City Airshow posted on

Here's the link


Anonymous said...

Love aircraft and air shows. Thanks for the pics link, QCI!

Let me throw this out for discussion. I think the QC air show is well done but isn't it about time for some new acts? How about featuring the Canadian or Italian national air teams for variety? And Shockwave was great ... the first couple of times but is pretty tired anymore. I just think the show needs to be re tooled. My neighbors have stopped going to the event just for these stated reasons. Is it just me or is everyone happy with the show?

QuadCityImages said...

They had the Canadian Snowbirds either last year or the year before, but I agree on getting other countries' teams, if possible.

Shockwave is kind of a fixture, and doesn't take up TOO much time...

One thing I didn't miss about this year's show was 20 minutes of staring into the sky watching dots trailing colored smoke. Parachute demonstrations are fine, but it seems like they spend way too much time on them when they're here. I did miss the fake bombing runs and pyrotechnics that have been here in previous years though.

As someone who attends every single year, and then often watches the other day's show from outside the grounds, I could see how its getting a little repetitive. Judging from the crowds, however, there isn't much incentive to change it.