Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tonight: New riverfront park planning session

As you may have read in yesterday's QCTimes article, there will be a public planning session tonight in what the city calls the "East Industrial Park" area of the riverfront, near 4th and River Drive. The city is trying to decide what to do with the land formerly (and currently) occupied by Builders and River Gulf Grain. Even if you don't think anything should be done there, you should show up and share your opinion. If you just sit at home and complain on the QCTimes comments, don't be surprised when the people who do show up decide something you don't like.

The session is at 5:30PM.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Phil Yerington writes the worst letter to the editor of all time

Its almost like reading The Onion... but here it is:

Davenport vs. Bettendorf: Who's the snob? -QCTimes

Apparently this guy that thought he should be the Mayor of Davenport also thinks its the worst place in the world, and is in love with Bettendorf. Its really pretty hard to find a sentence in his letter that doesn't have some piece of false information or silliness in it.

-Bettendorf's 2 year old convention center is nicer than davenport's 20+ year old one? No way!
-The Isle of Capri in Yerington's world is a 5 star hotel? Apparently he hasn't stayed in many hotels.
-He rags on each piece of River Renaissance, which he spearheaded! Has he had a lobotomy? -The skybridge was in the original proposal for River Renaissance, but to him its silly now.

Does this guy know that there's this thing called Google, where we can look up his past actions and statements if we've somehow forgotten them all as he has?

With this letter he's actually making the "water fluoridation conspiracy" guy look like a better candidate for Mayor.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fool's Day Open Thread

Well, I didn't come up with an attempt at April 1st humor this year. Feel free to insert your own. The Good Friday vs Spring Holiday battle serves as a pretty good joke in itself, really... Just goes to show that we don't have the exciting stuff to argue about anymore.

I hope to put a few images from the WIU:QC groundbreaking up later today, unless I end up enjoying the beautiful weather. Winter might be my favorite season, but I'm still always happy when its over.