Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Midwest League Allstar Game 2006 Images

Teams line up during the national Anthem
The flag was flown in along with 4 parachuters, (is that a word?) but unfortunately one missed the stadium. He nearly hit the Centennial Bridge, the river, and the seawall, and then crashed through a tree before landing between Beiderbecke Drive and the river. My chance to have CNN-worthy video footage, and I didn't think to take a movie. He seemed ok, and gathered up his chute without assistance.
If only the crowd was like this for every game.
A mobile control room and TV satellite truck. I don't know whose these are, but I wouldn't have thought Mediacom Connection Channel 22 could afford them.
Final Score:
East 7
West 1

At least the Swing's Randy Roth won the home run derby.


The Colonel said...

Great pics QCI. Good to see a full house utilize the Best Minor League Stadium in the Country.

Huck Finn said...

Good to see that your camera is working again. My favorite shot is the night shot from right field. Thanks for the good pics!

The Inside Dope said...

Thanks for the pics. I wasn't able to attend, but watched the game on Mediacom. They also reran the game last night, which was handy as I missed the first few innings live.

I noticed that after the game, programming reverted to ESPN, so perhaps they made use of some of their mobile units?

The camera work was very good, as was the commentary and call of the game. I couldn't imagine Mediacom producing the thing on their own, at least locally.

The Inside Dope said...

One more idea. I imagine that there's production companies which rent such mobile control room/tech trucks for such events. Perhaps that was the case.

What lead me to think that was the fact that there were no markings or logos on the trucks, which, if they belonged to a network or Mediacom, would undoubtedly be plastered all over them.

QuadCityImages said...

Yeah, I suppose Mediacom could afford to rent them, considering what I pay them every month...

There were a lot of TV cameras, because they had the usual cameras that they use for the scoreboard and instant replays, plus all the Mediacom Connection cameras.

jcb said...

Yes, great photos. The Bridge to Somewhere had some nice ones, too.