Saturday, June 17, 2006

SCC getting 2nd entrance (someday)

College road project might include U.S. 67 entrance -QCTimes

This is LONG, LONG overdue. I was told this was happening "soon" back when I was going to Scott, about 4 years ago. Clearly they have a different definition of soon than I do. Its sad that they have to use "homeland security" concerns to get funding, but at this point, they have to do whatever gets the money.

Right now there is a single 2 lane driveway into Scott Community College's campus on Belmont Drive in Bettendorf. At the beginning of the semesters (when people still go to class) and during finals time, the parking lots are packed. One of the overflow lots is on the opposite side of the entrance road from the rest of the lots, causing frequent situations like I have drawn below. I once waited for 10 minutes until people figured out what was happening. Of course, the frequency of this happening doesn't speak well for us SCC graduates...Anyone who says MSPaint isn't the ultimate graphics program just doesn't enjoy a challenge.

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