Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wednesday Night Open Thread

Can't think of much to blog about today.

People seem to want this Iowa Workforce Development story to be talked about. It seems like more of a Des Moines scandal to me, but I don't know much about it.

Tomorrow I'm going to start a new weekly feature.

Also, I'm thinking about making a list of categories of my image posts so people who end up on the blog looking for images of various things can easily find the posts with the pictures they're looking for.


Anonymous said...

Dirty White Boy here ...
I would be interested in what your readers have to say about Jamie Howard. Personally, I find her conduct during the official meetings extremely unprofessional. What's up with all of the snickering, snorting, rolling her eyes, making faces at Dumas, etc.? She appears to be pulling the strings on Frink and Dumas. She definitely is all about herself and the perks, and doing nothing in the way of bringing up ideas or using her experience to lead the council. What a waste! It was close last time in the vote. I say next election she is gone!

Anonymous said...

QC Times April 2006
Q: What are the most popular misconceptions about RME?
A: Klipsch said, “That we’re connected with DavenportOne or the city.” RME receives no city tax dollars. D1’s president Dan Huber is one of 23 members of the RME board.

RC Reader Oct 2001
The AgTech Venture Capital Center – at least in its downtown form – and the River Music History Center will probably die without Vision Iowa money. In the city’s application, the DavenportOne Foundation would buy – using $6.3 million in Vision Iowa money – the bottom floor of the AgTech Venture Capital Center and the bottom three floors of the Redstone building (the River Music History Center) from Kaizen Company of America, which will be putting $12.7 million into the buildings under the plan.
OK, is there a truth somewhere between D1 only being connected by way of RME board membership, and that D1 owns the bottom three floors of the Redstone Building?

How does D1 pay to maintain and operate the building?

Anonymous said...

Iowa Workforce Developement employees are under crimminal investigation, and the FBI and US Department of Labor Inspector General will be in Des Moines tomorrow...I think it is more than just a Des Moines story!!!