Monday, April 24, 2006

A Couple of Links

First of all, everyone should check out Bridge to Somewhere more often now that QCBS is gone. Pioneer98 has some good posts, especially his or her recent post about moving from Bettendorf to Davenport. I miss Liberal Lion's posts on QCBS, especially since now I'm back to being the #1 target for the againsters...

Secondly, I have added a new link to the link bar on the right of the blog. I linked directly to the forums section of, but most of the Davenport/QC news is within the Iowa Cities and Development section of that forum. The absoluteDSM "About Us" section has this to say about the website as a whole: is the creation of web page administrators, Ryan Moffatt and Josh Garrett. The site was created to discuss the amazing construction and development underway in the rapidly growing Des Moines, Iowa metropolitan area. Showcasing Des Moines' architecture and built environment through photograph became an obvious inclusion to the site, that will eventually grow to include many cities across Iowa. is intended to fill a niche in the Central Iowa web community, by providing a source of information and a format for discussion regarding the construction projects and development of the region.

I've known about absoluteDSM pretty much since it launched, because it was right around the time I was trying to develop They have a section for Davenport pictures, and some of them are definitely better than mine. The whole website is worth exploring, but I was especially impressed with their forums, which I didn't know about until recently. Its interesting to see what people from across the state think of various things Davenport is doing.


pioneer98 said...

Thanks for the shout out. Now that the move is behind us, I'll hopefully have more time to keep up with the site.

wtm said...

I travel to Des Moines once a week due to work. I have seen the changes in the Downtown in the last year, and the changes in the road building they are doing.

The down town area has become quite clean and exciting. I stop every week at a gas station down town and get a soda for the trip back to the QCA and they are busy.

There is not a safety issue in downtown Des Moines that I can see. But they do have foot patrols and moving patrols every so often.

The one thing that is really great, is the small shops that are open and cafe's.

Inclosing I did not see a SkyBridge but I did see alot of walkways connecting buildings that have tenants.

Next week I will tell you about Waterloo I go ther three times a week.