Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lying commentors epidemic

I'm really starting to have a problem with people who use outright lies on the blogs to start rumors and help their side of arguments. I figured it was more of a problem on the independent blogs, but the QCTimes.comments "blog" had a run-in with it today. I have also complained about people getting off topic in all the posts on here, but obviously that's a problem everywhere, as this article about firefighters turns into an argument about the skatepark.

Here's the QCTimes article, with the comments.

A person going by "Jerry" says the following in one of his comments:

"Has any council member bothered to ask Bettendorf what happened to their skatepark? Understand it wasn't utilized, became an eyesore and was closed. I would recommend letting the aldermen & mayor sign a personal quarantee that if the skatepark is not utilized and is torn down or money spent to convert it to something useful, then the city officials supporting such a stupid move will be personally liable and have to repay the city for the money spent both in the initial construction and any other costs associated with upkeep, lawsuits, etc. This would show just who is willing to put their money where their mouth is." (emphasis added)

The Bettendorf skatepark is still open, and heavily used, even though as another commentor says, its not a great skatepark.

What Jerry said is just a bold-faced lie. He probably knew that it was. Yet it has the potential to spread into a rumor, and then suddenly we'll have people refering to the "failed Bettendorf skatepark," on the blogs. Its no different than people around here referring to people getting paid $150,000 a year when they really get $80,000. Soon you get people quoting a lie. Things like this are making me think long and hard about my complete and open anonymous comments system. There are REAL problems that should be debated in local politics, and real issues, so there is no need to lie and make up things.
Kids using the Bettendorf skatepark today.


WindingHills said...

"My Name is Earl", Karma will get back on them:)

Anonymous said...

people who read blogs are smart enough to filter the truth for themselves. if you turn off comments or limit it to people with blogger accounts, your readership will take a nosedive.

East Ender said...

Looks liks something is in the works at 4th and Brady. Brooke mentioned at the Finance Committee meeting that the Forrest Building (corner of 4th and Brady) is going to take advantage of the Urban Revitalization Tax Exemption Credit, the same credit that was used to rehab the old Wal-Mart building on Elmore.

It will be great to see a building with some historic significance restored in the downtown. Let's just hope that some of the alderman don't try and queer the deal because tax credits are involved.

QuadCityImages said...

I guess Brooke's the guy I should have asked about the project. I posted 2 different things asking if anyone knew what was going on there, and nobody said anything.

QuadCityImages said...

...and as far as the comments thing, its unlikely I'll change my policy. I just regret it sometimes.

Anonymous said...

You're seeing the downside of blogging. There are lots of people who "know" this or that, who really don't know a damn thing.

Although it's fashionable now to disdain the "mainstream media" in favor of "citizen journalism," at least you can count on the local newspapers to try and deal in facts, and to make a correction if they make an error.

Anonymous said...

"at least you can count on the local newspapers to try and deal in facts, and to make a correction if they make an error."

I know you're not talking about the QCTimes!

Anonymous said...

And what about Van Fossen?