Monday, April 17, 2006

QCI's Crescent Macaroni & Cracker Museum

In my time here at the Davenport Lofts, I've amassed a bit of Crescent Macaroni and Cracker Company memorabilia. Searching eBay for "Crescent Cracker," "Crescent Macaroni," or "Crescent Davenport" almost always nets me something. My parents also keep an eye out for stuff while they visit antique shops and shows. Here's a sampling:

I got the darker, greenish box last year for Easter, and the orange one this year. My parents found both at a big antique show they go to every spring at the UNIDome in Cedar Falls. Here's an close look at the
of the green one.

I found this envelope on eBay, and it was only a couple bucks, so I bought it. It's postmarked July 1st, 1935. It mentions the "Crescent Hour" of music from 4-5pm every Friday on WHO-WOC, which is pretty interesting. The 3 cent stamp would sure be nice these days too.

This is my most recent eBay purchase, although it was being sold by a guy here in town. I am unsure of the age, but the seller said he believed it was from the 1920's. It doesn't show up well in the scan, but the text is still incredibly clear and easy to read. It also shows the Rock Island Lines/ Waterloo Mills building behind the Crescent building. Its an 8x10 print, and I'm not sure what the printing process was, but the black "ink" is shiny and reflective.

There are also postcards that I've seen for sale online too, so I'll be keeping my eye out for any further items.


pioneer98 said...

Very neat. You just inspired me to look for antiques and postcards for my new neighborhood.

The Inside Dope said...

That old factory was really amazing. It's cool that you're collecting some of the history of it.

Ms. Lasik said...

I have an old crescent box that I got from my parents. We always used it to store doll dishes. It was painted white long ago, but still has the factory name etched in it. I found the way the top is hinged to be very interesting. It looks like it is similar to the green one shown.

Anonymous said...

I live in the cresent lofts and would love to learn more.Like what was here in my apartment before me.Anyone who can help call 563-210-0764