Saturday, April 29, 2006

Swing Lose (the baseball game)

Nothing political. Seriously.

My schedule hasn't worked out well for baseball games, so this was my first Swing game of this season. It was "Swing Into Reading" night, so plenty of kids had free tickets, and the General Admission section was packed. However, I'd say there were less than 300 of us in the box seats. They really should have some bench seats with backs that cost less than box seats and more than the backless benches in General Admission. Kind of like they did at JOD before the renovation... It seems to me if their business model works by giving away tickets to kids, who then bring their parents to the game, they could lower all the ticket prices and get more people at every game. Right now they've priced themselves out of being a frequent family outing.

In their defense, it did look like it was going to rain tonight. Hopefully they get more than 2300 people at a normal Friday night game. Or it could be that people are angry at the owner for not paying the city. (ok, a little bit of politics in there)

In other news, I'll be mostly unavailable this weekend as I'll be helping to make 8000 pizzas.


Ambrose Fulton said...

So is this typical? Lotsa free seats, empty paid ones? No wonder he can't pay his debts.

Seems like they could hawk cheaper seat with backs or something. I'm ignorant on this, but the picture is telling us something!

QuadCityImages said...

Its not normal, but normal isn't TOO far removed from that. There are almost certainly too many box seats.

Anonymous said...

Where is the picture of the people in the expensive skyboxes.