Saturday, April 08, 2006

And then there was one

Quad City Backstage is all the way gone. I hoped the Colonel would leave it up but just stop updating, but he went the Fly route and got rid of it all.

Considering Fly's barely-active status on his blog, and the Colonel's recent closure, I'm now the last active blogger from our former DDP trio. If you think putting out a blog on a daily basis isn't tough, just look at the attrition rate.


Anonymous said...

SOLO is the best.

Ambrose Fulton said...


Hang in there QCI!! I enjoy your perspective. We need many voices out here in the blogosphere!

Anonymous said...

SOLO sucks. It is the most biased site of them all. The intenational misunformation that shows up there on a regular basis is unreal. I miss the Fly a lot. His blog was far and a way the best.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Demo here:
BIASED? You on dope? Fulton disagrees with me much more than he ever agrees but I wouldn't call it bias!
MISINFORMATION? Be specific. Present your case. Don't just leave us hanging here. Crap or get off the pot. Hell man, make the case and we might be convinced.

Colonel Davenport said...

QCI is correct. It's really difficult to pull off everyday. The inability to attract six to eight weekly contributors did me in.

The Fly had a nice gig. For those that couldn't see the "backstage" of his site, he had three or four pieces in the hopper, and that allowed him to plan well. If something big was in play, he had some time to structure a good piece and post. If there was a lul, he had a few post ready to go.

That and the modest contributions of QCI and myself made a difference. In the end, the Fly's success was also the downfall. As GW say's, "It's Hard Work"...

I will still be around, but the monkey is off my back :)