Tuesday, April 04, 2006

East Branch Library could get "bumped" for commercial use

At the bottom of this article in the QCTimes there's a section about the supposedly upcoming east side branch library. Apparently our fine alderman are reconsidering, but hopefully just the prime location. The article doesn't say anything about building the library in a different place, so I'm not sure what the plan is. It sounds like Lynn and others have decided that the current planned location for it is too valuable as commercial property to "waste" it on the library. I don't necessarily disagree, as there's no need for a library to be highly visible like a business. My only question, which the article doesn't answer, is where would they put it instead?

If Lynn is in favor of not building the east side branch that Davenport residents voted for, then between that and his landlord deal, he truly deserves to be sent packing next election.

Update: According to Alderman Frink, the proposed library is not in danger, and "the park, library, residential, are all still the works, however commercial is all that will be featured on the 53rd St. frontage. The remainder will be N of the new 54th St and W of Eastern."


Colonel Davenport said...

Typical Davenport,
There was an election for a levy increase for two branch libraries (west and north central/east). I voted for that, and understood the reasoning for the west branch first. Hell, I even donated money to the friends group.

Now small thinking Davenport alderman want to change things. Maybe Alderman Lynn will support selling all of our parks for some quick cash.

Anonymous said...

Colonel Davenport and QCI should read the post on how rumors get started. Shame on you guys.

Anonymous said...

The lying commentors club at our service.

Anonymous said...

Alderman Lynn should be sent packing for numerous reasons, the least of it being the library. He is in the process along with his other 4 buddies of setting this city back by years.

QuadCityImages said...

I said right in my post that I was getting this from the QCTimes, and that the article was not clear on the subject.

According to Alderman Frink, the issue is only whether the library will have 53rd street frontage, not where it will be built. Why the QCTimes didn't explain this better, or dedicate an entire column to it, I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea. Why not have the Davenport School District donate their land at 46th and Eastern for a new East branch library. Win win win!

Ambrose Fulton said...

1) Books are dirt cheap. Look at Amazon.com

2) The internet doesn't have everything, but DAMN!

3) Neither come out of the general fund.

4) Hell, leapfrog the library technology and go city wide wi-fi
Start with SoLo

Anonymous said...

Here go the againsters once again. Lets not bother to give our citizens libraries, think what we could save. In fact has the fab 5 considered what we could save if we went back to horse and buggies rather than buying cars and trucks for the city?

Anonymous said...

11:43 ...and Thank You!

This announcement paid for by Davenport One.

QuadCityImages said...

Alderman Meyer did list not building the east branch on his list of possible cost-saving measures. So its not like certain aldermen aren't considering it. I don't even understand how they could cancel the library though, since it was voted on in a referendum. What's the point of a referendum if the council can just ignore it?

Anonymous said...

The referendum was to contribute to operating costs once it got built, not for the capital costs to build it. Davenport does not go its citizens and ask if we want to pay more taxes to build something -- that only takes 6 aldermen, or 5 aldermen and a mayor. Pretty sucky system if you ask me. DOnt' be put out QCI that the citizens voted to support a library that might not get built. AFter all, the council votes to build things that we can't afford to maintain. Just Davenport's twisted version of having its back scratched.

Anonymous said...

In November 2003, Davenport
voters approved a special library property tax levy of 27¢/$1,000 assessed value to support the operations of two branch libraries.

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