Saturday, July 01, 2006

One for the road

I'm off to Fort Wayne for the weekend, but here's one more image.
Actually I may post some pictures on the trip, who knows.

This is Palmer's new Chiropractic Learning Resource Center, under construction along Brady Street. Learning Resouce Center sounds like a library to me, and I've called it that before. However, I've recently learned that that isn't what it is going to be. There are webcams at Palmer's site here.

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Ambrose Fulton said...

In the yearning for pathological obfuscation, a LIBRARY became a LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER.

Although I don't think the American Library Association has become the ALRCA.

Quacks like a duck, sounds like a duck... (ummm.... bad analogy for Palmer, sorry)

I love libraries. I hate LRC's