Thursday, July 13, 2006

JOD drops the ball

I don't know if the Swing front office didn't expect a big crowd, or if every "beverage night" is like this, but whatever happened, they didn't have enough concessions open. You could hardly walk down the concourse, and I don't think that shows JOD's best side to any visiting JDC folks. I know Chris DiMarco and another PGA player were supposed to throw out the first pitches (?) but I didn't see them standing around anywhere during the game.

At one point Kevin Krause was working at a hastily-opened concessions stand that only had a 10 minute wait instead of the 20 minute wait at the others. What nobody knew though, was that it was a beer and water only line. So after waiting 10 minutes to get your hot dog, you got told you had to go to a different concession stand. I tried to tell him they should put up a sign covering the menu saying "Beer and Water only," but it didn't happen.

I'll just summarize by saying that despite having a large and enthusiastic crowd, it wasn't John O'Donnell's finest hour.


Anonymous said...

QCI, your photo is so dark We can't tell what's going on. Get a new camera!

Anonymous said...

There were huge crowds downtown last night, and a train caused river drive to back up traffic around 6:45.

I think some of the golf familes attended the game, but the fog delay earlier in the day pushed back afternoon Tee times and screwed up some of the plans.

Whatever the case, it was good to see so much going on downtown (hell, I had to parked in the parking garage).

As I understand, the Figgee had an event, the Carrage Haus had a huge private party, JOD-Swing Game and Bix at 6

QuadCityImages said...

I'd say get a new monitor or take off the sunglasses 2:40.

Anonymous said...

I'd say the problem with 2:40 a.m. is just that. Reading QCI's blog at that time of the morning and your concerned about the photo resolution.

I'll bet concessions are staffed by some staffing service, and this week the workiers are taking the better gig at JDC.

Anonymous said...

I agree 2:40am must be a jerk.

Oh, by the way, QCI your pics do suck. Might try a different setting on the old box. LOL