Monday, July 10, 2006

Parking Ticket Problems

Only a few cash in on city's ticket amnesty -QCTimes

I don't see how a collection agency is going to waste any time on people with 1 or 2 $10 tickets against them.

Will the city only get $2 of every $10 because of this?


Anonymous said...

Maybe the City should look at www and see if they can get the money that is owed.

Anonymous said...

The city has a mess, and once they begin using a collection agency they lose any hope of collecting more than 15% of those uncollected fines. They need more of a solution to how to keep this lack of enforcement from continuing.

Why continue to write tickets everyday if they go uncollected. They will not say, but I think they have no capability to easily identify those with multiple violations without alot of rudimentary work.

Anonymous said...

When the city's top finance person can't even tell the truth about the state of tracking software in his department it's no wonder we can't collect the money.