Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sunrise or Sunset for Swing?

Kevin paid a token amount yesterday towards the $400,000+ he owes the city. Malin says that no deal for a payment plan was made, and if the rest isn't paid today, there will be trouble.

Will Kevin pay? Will the city cave? Will RBI come in and buy the team?

We'll probably know tonight, or find out if the gates are locked for Thursday's game.

P.S. The image is of sunrise, of course, and hopefully that's what this disagreement can become for baseball/city relations.


Colonel Davenport said...

Better be careful what we wish for people. Force Krause into a sale, and the next guy is a Tiger that will take your hand off without thinking twice.

Time for elected officials to slow down the face time on KWQC (Lynn & Howard) and work on a stable agreement for the next 60 days.

That will give time for all sides (including the next owner) to make sure the next long term deal works for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! Let's learn from our mistakes and not rush into another bad situation with a potential new owner.

...Don't know why KWQC would even talk to Howard about this as it has been Bill Lynn who has been the one trying to accomplish something. Thanks Bill!

Anonymous said...

Email sent Tuesday to Malin

Subject : Re: 7IS

Date : Tue,


I do not understand the purpose of a media conference and I do not understand the purpose of a Raccoon response letter, when we have not discussed this issue. We need to slow this whole thing down. I have yet to get a response to my requests for information from Finance.


Anonymous said...

The White Boy here.

Never saw a happier or more smiling bunch of characters than the council members tonight. You'ld have thought they all just got laid. See what playing hard ball ( no pun intended ) with Krause accomplishes!

Hey, what's with trying to put a muzzle on Keith? Keith was called on and was speaking appropriately, making a statement on the Aaron Howard job appointment. Keith was calling attention to the fact that Aaron's mother is an alderman and started saying something about another family member being on the civil service disciplinary board when all of a sudden Jamie woke up Mayor Winbrook saying for him to shut Keith up and that he was out of order. As usual Mayor Winbrook wasn't sure what to do and Jamie again instructed him to stop Keith and call his comments out of order. What gives? Could it be we are trying to hide something? According to Jamie in the QC Times article everything was legit in the hiring process. So what should she be concerned about as far as comments or questions from Keith Meyer? Another one of those Davenport things that makes you go Hmmmmmm!

Thanks for the vine!

Anonymous said...

I watched the replay of the council meeting and noticed the incident that you describe. It was rather unusual and suspicious.

Loved the singing! The meeting needs more community sings to build unity!