Monday, May 01, 2006

The other other casino hotel project

Jumer's accelerates RI project -QCTimes

Instead of doing the project in multiple stages, starting with the casino, the Rock Island project will now all be built at once. According to the article, they hope to be done by late 2007.

Here's a longer article about it at QCOnline, but it'll probably be unavailable to non subscribers before any of you get a chance to read it.

Also, on the QCTimes online article, the comments have started out with 2 for the project and one against it. The one against it seems to underestimate how much people want to gamble, and acts as though no one would come from Chicago to here to go to a casino. In reality, quite a large number of people come down here for gambling. The problem is getting them to do something other than gamble.


puzzler said...

I think your point about the difficulty in getting visitors to do more than gamble is a valid one. Have you noticed how the Downtown promotions/events are organized around outdoor festivals the majority of which are held when businesses and attractions like the Figge or the Putnam are closed? Why pump a lot of money into a festival on a Holiday? If the point is to promote business and attractions then why not hold special events when these venues are open?

QuadCityImages said...

Or open the venues while the festivals are going on, such as how Bucktown had extended hours during the Bixfest.