Sunday, May 14, 2006

Beaux Arts Pictures

Who says nobody goes downtown?

These Photoshop-brightened versions of my images were sent to me by helpful reader Bumamongus.

As I took these I was already planning to say they were taken during one of the longer stretches without rain during the weekend, but as I got to Pershing it started raining again. Let me tell you, the walk down there seemed a lot shorter on the way down when it wasn't pouring.

Despite the weather they seemed to have a pretty good turnout, and I overheard at least a couple people say they were going to go check out Bucktown for the first time. Considering how many people were willing to brave the rain and find parking on a festival day downtown, Bucktown really needs to get the word out that they're a year-round, indoor Beaux Arts Fair. Also, lets hope for great weather for the fall Beaux Arts, because we got our share of rain this time.


QuadCityImages said...

And yeah, I know the pictures are dark... that's the downside of a cheap camera on an overcast day facing semi-bright clouds. Also a semi-terrible photographer doesn't help.

pioneer98 said...

Kudos for this post. It was during my "busy time" or I would have posted about it, too. We went to the fair, too, and were surprised by how many people went out despite the crappy weather.