Monday, May 08, 2006

Davenport Summer Concert Series

This is from the City's Latest News on the website:

City of Davenport
Summer Concert Series
Levee Improvement Comission

Sunday, June 4 Jim Markum Swing Band - 30’s and 40’s music
Sunday, June 11 D.D.J - Rock and roll
Sunday, June 18 Tewanta and Company – QC jazz featuring
Manny Lopez
Sunday, June 25 Traditional Irish Concert
Sunday, July 9 Celebration Iowa
Sunday, July 16 Mayflies - Mixed bluegrass, gospel
Sunday, July 23 Dixie Cats - Variety band
Sunday, August 6 Metrolites - Spy/surf/noir/ lounge rock band
Wednesday, August 16 Central High School—Jazz and marching bands
Sunday, August 13 Rain date for all concerts


WindingHills said...

Haven't heard of a one of them:(

Anonymous said...

The metrolites are awesome. They have a great song about TV perscription drugs. Way too funny.

Why didn't the Travolta's make the list?? How devistating.

QuadCityImages said...

You can't beat the price.

Anonymous said...

TO Windinghills
You got to get out more. Come south of Locust Street. There is this big building at the top of the hill on Harrison. It's called Central High School, home of the "Central High School—Jazz and marching bands"!!

Also, the Metrolites are too cool. Can't wait to see them again.

Anonymous said...

love your humor last poster

Central hs - funny honey

-shane- said...

Travoltas didn't make the list because they're not playing Davenport... they're playing (as usual) RIBCO on Memorial Day weekend! Come check out the bike races, the disco music, and the extraordinarily sexy DJ at 2nd Ave. after the band gets done. ;)

Anonymous said...

The dixie cats are a group of old folks that work at the county administration building. They play inbetween crocheting and metamucil doses.