Saturday, May 13, 2006

Is the Beaux Arts lost?

I was under the impression that the entire reason for moving the Beaux Arts Fair from its great location below the Putnam and former DMA was to be next to the new Figge Art Museum. There's a large paved "front lawn" which could accomodate a number of vendors, and then 2nd Street could be closed from Main to Harrison, or even Brady to Harrison. Closing a block of Main for a weekend wouldn't be the end of the world. The lot next to the Mississippi Plaza office building could also provide vendor space. I thought that the construction forced it to the other side of Brady, but the construction on the Skybridge, RME, and Figge is completed now.

Yet, the festival continues to be in its location 2 blocks away from the Figge. Its closer to Bucktown, which is an amazing venue, but I guess I just don't get it. Anyone know why its not in front of the Figge?


At 5/13/2006 4:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a shame that we had to take it from the neighbrohood it had been in for many years. People went regardless of where it was - to some a 'bad' area of town. We just keep ruining things in Davenport.

At 5/13/2006 7:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think the location has anything to with the fact that the main organizer of the event has a business at 2nd and Perry? The event would generate more walk in trade for the business.

At 5/13/2006 7:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is the main organizer?

At 5/13/2006 7:48 PM, Blogger QuadCityImages said...



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