Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sometimes Illinois Just Bugs Me

Why is it that Illinois can scrape together $140 million dollars for a prison they don't even use, but not $13.8 million for the first phase of the WIU riverfront campus. Heck, why not spend $50 million and build the whole campus. If the single community of Davenport managed to spend 35 million bucks on an art museum, I would think the fifth biggest state in the US could find $14 million laying around. Unfortunately non-Illinois resident alumni like myself don't have much sway with IL politicians. I urge everyone who lives in the Illinois Quad Cities to contact your state representatives, US congressmen, and the Governor and ask why this pocket change can't get tossed Moline's way.

Obviously school construction contractors don't get to donate to IL governors.


Anonymous said...

Move to Rock Island, buy a house and pay taxes.

The Inside Dope said...


The attitude exhibited by your comment is unfortunate.

Are you suggesting that unless someone pays taxes in R.I. that they can't legitimately wonder why vastly more money is going towards a prison than providing a state univerity for the people of the Quad Cities?

QCI... good observation.

puzzler said...

Maybe we should turn the Thomson prison into an art museum or a campus for WIU.

QuadCityImages said...

Practical training for its many Law Enforcement and Justice Administration majors.