Thursday, November 10, 2005

There's Something About Moosie

Everyone's talking about Mayor/Alderman Brooke's tiny margin of victory. It is certainly true that he barely barely barely made it. But....

He didn't even try.

He didn't attend the forums, and he sent a controversial figure in his stead, which I don't think gained him any votes over not showing up at all. He didn't have a website, he didn't have all that many yard signs, and he just didn't seem too put much effort into it. I could be wrong, as I don't live in that ward, but I just didn't hear much from his campaign. It was probably just assumed he would be able to slide right into McGivern's spot without much effort. This is what many would call typical Brooke arrogance, but he was (barely) right.

Also, the 6th ward is one where I would guess more people like where the city is headed then some other wards. As the QCTimes' informal poll showed, people in the east end are more likely to visit the downtown attractions that have been developed in the last few years. I would say the Figge probably has more members from the 6th ward than the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd combined. This could explain why Gilmour also seemed very supportive of the downtown progress, which is part of why I endorsed him. If he had the loyalty to downtown of Charlie with better, ah... people skills, he would be a great alderman. Maybe next time.

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