Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The best compliment I could give

The way I voted this year was generally based on what I call my Fly-rule. Could the candidate be Fly?

Now this doesn't mean literally, is this person Fly. For example, Alderman Lynn was opposed to the casino hotel whereas Fly somewhat supported it, but not the way the public input and presentation were done. Therefore Lynn probably isn't Fly, but the point is I believe he's intelligent, well spoken, and fair enough that he could be. There are current and future aldermen who I don't believe are capable of the entries Fly posts. Originally I had planned to post a list of local folks who I thought were capable of being Fly, but in the spirit of his Rule #3, and tonight's party, I will just keep that to myself.

I just use Lynn because he's the perfect example of someone who I disagree with about many, many things in regards to how I'd like to see Davenport operate, but he's a smart and decent guy. He supports and explains his opinions. He's a good alderman. I felt Mr. Boom would be similar, in that even if he disagreed with you, you didn't come out of the disagreement wanting to strangle him. It was just something you had differing opinions on. If we could all say that about people who we agree to disagree with, Rule #3 could be a lot more possible.

I think if we all used the Fly-rule we'd have some good politicians representing us.
Thanks, Fly.

P.S. To those that think Fly couldn't be an alderman, just think about the facts that he was gone on both Primary and Election night, and that it seemed important to quit after the election.


Anonymous said...

Is the fly Alderman-Elect Dumas?

Anonymous said...

The fact that if everyone shows up he has to be there to reveal himself, supports that he may be....

Anonymous said...


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