Monday, November 21, 2005

Pass the Muntins

I'm unable to find the thread, or remember if it was on DDP or SoLo, but a few months back some people were jumping all over the Crescent Macaroni building for using enormous undivided windows. I believe the pieces that divide windows into individual panes are called muntins. I posted then that the Lofts were still planning on adding "decorative" muntins to maintain the factory look of the building. A month or two ago they started putting these on, but ran out of the faux-muntin material before they got to my apartment. My river view remained unobstructed! But alas, I got up today and my giant view had been divided into many smaller river views. Oh well, it does look more factory-like now. Plus now the againsters have one less thing to complain about regarding the lofts.


the Duke said...

Nice new muntins QCI! Now what will the "naysayers" bitch about next, the color of the buildings brick? :-) Have a great thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Looks great QCI. I don't think those of us from SoLo were doing the complaining on your building - we LIKE it : )