Thursday, November 03, 2005

Is this really news?

Bettendorf teen’s video games stolen

Its a good thing they don't try to write an article that long about all Davenport's burglaries. Every day would be like the Sunday paper.


Ambrose Fulton said...

Amen, QCI!

I expect this to be above the fold page 1 on the Bettendorf News, as well.

Anonymous said...

I agree QCI. I read this and thought, what the heck. Every time my SOLO car gets broken into, spray painted, egged - or every time our bikes get taken or our garbage cans taken ,etc, will this be in the paper? Who the heck was this the son of? We could fill 2 QC times papers just with crime stories in Davenport's solo alone. I have known about drive bys that get NO press at all - video games? Poor boy - I feel sorry for him.