Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My Picks for Council '06
Coming Soon

Obviously I know that many, if not everyone, will disagree with some or all of my endorsements and my reasons. That's how it should be in a democracy.

The main question I have to ask myself is this: Do I like where Davenport is heading? I don't even have to take a minute to think about that, because yes, I do think we're generally headed in the right direction. I want Davenport to have name recognition and awareness on the level of Madison or Peoria. Most, if not all, people around the Midwest know of those cities, and have an idea where they are. During my time at WIU in Macomb, I found that many Chicago-area residents have no idea what or where the Quad Cities are. Once we change this, we will be more attractive to both visitors and potential residents. We're not going to put Davenport on the map by having gold-plated sewers and pristine streets. It requires culture, attractions, and a (relatively) safe community. In the last few years we've made excellent progress on the first two, but lost ground on basic safety. We need to continue working for an innovative city, but also increase safety, because I believe there's room for all 3 in Davenport. Once we increase our population and our tax base, streets, sewers, and sidewalks will improve.

The few people who read my posts instead of just assuming I love/hate things may have noticed I have rarely said anything in support of any particular alderman ever since joining the blog world. I have never really counted myself as a "McGivern supporter" or a "Lynn supporter" or a whoever supporter. That said, several of these races are a toss-up to me. In the 7th and 8th in particular, I wish I had a third option. I've tried to pick someone in each race though, even if it comes to flipping a coin. My choices are made, so feel free to guess who I'll pick.

Oh yeah... anyone that uses the phrase "bridge to nowhere" is not getting my vote.


Anonymous said...

The Quad Cities is on the map, just the one that homeless people and welfare recipients have. People come from all over to get the handouts.
I think we do need streets and sewers to bring people to the area. People from out of state usually only visit once. With the red light cameras, soon-to-be speeding cameras, $10 parking tickets for expired meters, theft in the parking ramps, rampant hookers on second and third streets, the circus atmosphere of the the boat on the levee, they think we're nuts. Sometimes I wonder.

QuadCityImages said...

So you're saying a visitor would leave here saying "what nice streets and sewers they have. Maybe I should return to Davenport, or even move there."?