Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Winborn by 1690 votes

Frink with 7016 votes
Howard with 6569, defeating Vance by 41 votes

1st Ward:
VanFossen by 44 votes

2nd Ward:
Hammerlinck by 698 votes

3rd Ward:
Meyer by 9 votes

4th Ward:

Ambrose by 418 votes

5th Ward:
Lynn by 458 votes

6th Ward:
Moose by 4 votes

7th Ward:
Barnhill by 253 votes

8th Ward:
Dumas by 903

Source: KWQC

Obviously I was wrong on almost half of them, and many of them were extremely close. Frink is a big surprise, but so his Howard's lack of a landslide. Will Boom, Vance, Gibbs, and Gilmour request their allowed recounts? Discuss.


Anonymous said...


How did Fredenburg's primary votes split? And to whom did they go, just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I just recently moved back into Davenport from Nebraska, not in time to get educated in current council affairs, and just want some information. Is the Barnhill that got elected the one that's part owner in Southern Comfort Lounge, TR Video and a couple of Gay Bars in Downtown Davenport?