Saturday, August 11, 2007

Who will be the new Clayton Lloyd
(Open Thread)

Davenport reveals finalists for economic development job -QCTimes

Part of their test should be putting all 4 candidates in a room with Alderman Meyer, Susie Bell and company, Niky, the Eglys, the RCReader folks, and a selection of online commenters and see which candidates come out alive.

And, the Swing are getting a new name, probably back to the River Bandits if you ask me.

Other than those weighty topics, this is an open thread.


Anonymous said...

"Now that there is funny!"

Anonymous said...

I thought long and hard about what I could add as a counter point to your comment.

I can't.

Anonymous said...

Best name I've heard for the ballteam
'Davenport Flood'

Anonymous said...

I think that needs to be the test for aldermen too,

Anonymous said...

Ya know, lloyd may be a nice person, but he fails to manage well. He failed this city when it comes to the HUD money and all the low income housing. He failed the central city residents with Courtland, Cobblestone, JLCS in general and lack of accountability for the rental inspection NEO fiasco. Before and after the fire dept took over.

Nice guy, but if you ever had to deal with him about an issue effecting your neighborhood, you will get frustrated beyond belief. The man is the definition of beauracrat. After he is done answering your question all you can think of is "huh?"

I am happy to see him go because we need a manager who holds people accountable and manages our CEDD $$ well.

Look at the central city and the city in general. He did little if anything for urban revitalization. The city has declined in this area and we have a huge hole to dig out of.

Anonymous said...

Anon #3 - actually one of the current candidates, Greg Hoover was the one in charge of some of the biggest fiscal fiascos you mention. Like a federal OIG audit that showed millions in federal funds used inappropriately. Goes to show what kind of person Malin is to even consider him.

Anonymous said...

Edina, MN is a great place. I'm voting for someone from there.

Anonymous said...

This is so telling. The current staff of the rehab dept is still not monitoring things properly. NO wonder JLCS went under and we just wasted so much federal funding.