Tuesday, August 28, 2007

QCI Around Town

Former Savitri’s restaurant put up for sale again -QCTimes
My slow blogging blew a chance to beat the mainstream media to this "story," because I took this picture last Monday night after the downtown residents' meeting. Its pretty unfortunate, and it kind of says that maybe we're not "fancy" enough to have more than a few high end restaurants. Hopefully whatever comes in next is a little more accessible.

In better downtown restaurant news, the former 225 at the Figge restaurant has reopened as the Riverview Cafe, with very reasonable prices. Unfortunately its only open for lunch! I didn't notice a story about this in the QCTimes, but before I say they only point out the negative, I'll just assume I missed the article.

An AbsoluteDSM member pointed out that crews were drilling the geothermal system for the McKesson Building in Rock Island, and I believe I got a picture of them in action. Here's some more info on that project. A deer that my girlfriend spotted as we were driving through Duck Creek Park. It was right up near the Duck Creek Pavilion parking lot. Maybe it was planning on wandering over to the 14th hole, which was always one of my favorites.


Anonymous said...

The Times had a story on the new cafe at the Figge on July 24.

Here's the link:


noitall said...

You might want to get a shot of centro.
It's not gonna be there much longer, either.

QuadCityImages said...

The last several times I've been to Centro, on weeknights no less, it was quite busy. Unlike Savitris, which... the one time I was in there we were the only people in the place.

Matt said...

i haven't been to the new cafe yet, but i've heard it needs some "tweaking." nevertheless, i'm glad they're going with a menu more suited for a museum-going/family-needs-lunch audience. 225 looked great, but i didn't like that it was seemingly aimed only at high-scale customers.