Thursday, August 30, 2007

More genius suggestions from "The Professor"

Davenport eyes turning to Meskwakis to run casino -QCOnline

We can all agree that having Isle of Capri owning 2 casinos in the same market is causing one of them (us) to be constantly screwed over. I think many of us are ready for a different operator for Davenport's gaming license.

So here's Alderman Lynn's solution: In order to fix the problem of our casino being owned by a company with another casino in the same market, we need to switch to the Meskwakis, who ALSO OWN ANOTHER CASINO IN THE SAME MARKET. If anyone doubts we're in the same market, just remember how much the profits increased while Tama was closed. In addition to making no sense, it sounds like its not even legally feasible.

This is almost as ironic as supporting Yerington to calm down City Hall, or allowing rent-to-own tenants to be exempt from rental inspections, or an Alderman owned by landlords eliminating the very section of government charged with keeping track of landlords.... Oh wait, I'm seeing a pattern here.
My opinion of St. Ambrose as an educational institution is decreasing.


Anonymous said...

QCI you are a fool. Obviously Professor Lynn was speaking "tongue in cheek" to make a point that we need to be midful that the gambling interests of the Isle Capris do not coincide with the good of the City.

Anonymous said...

I have a better idea. Let's get rid of gambling in Davenport once and for all.

Anonymous said...

The isle of Carpri and the interests of the city are clearly NOT one in the same.

Anonymous said...

I again for some reason am agreeing with you QCI. Bill Lynn has this other side to him. He was the one to move forward under cover of green sheet the plan to make rent to owns exempt from inspection. My guess, is that his puppet master, LUBELL told him to do so. It may seem logical at first, but it is very harmful to our city. The rule is that the owner need not have a valid RECORDED contract for sale to be exempt. This is a real issue. Not only does this exempt them from paying rental fees, but it is a barrier to using our nuisance abatement laws too. So, say a tenant is encouraged to be a rent to owner by the LL and they area problem tenant - it is harder to help the surrounding neighborhood abate them.

Recall, all of the council did this dumb vote, not just Lynn. Equally concerning is that the staff allowed it too, Malin as well. This is real concerning. I think we all need to get the details and then demand the council retract it. Make it a campaign issue. Not only the actual ordinance which is sooooo stupid, the process. Ask Howard why she supported it, how about frink, Ambrose, Hamerlink. My guess is that the little weasle Lubell was lurking and threatening campaign hell for these people. Let's see who of the candidate has some balls to stand up to that little kacki shorts wearing, riding high on his waste guy. If these people can't stand up to that little guy, then they certainly won't stand up for you as a tax payer.

Anonymous said...

Dan - if you are out there, it is called Mental Health Treatment. Get some.

Anonymous said...

Instead of worrying about gambling and the Isle of Capri, here is somethign we should all be worried about.

Judge strikes down Iowa's same-sex marriage law
By Dan Gearino | Friday, August 31, 2007
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TODAY: (Updated 3:44 p.m.) DES MOINES – Gay rights advocates won a major victory today when a Polk County District judge ruled that the state's ban on gay marriage violates the Iowa Constitution.

"This court has yet to hear any convincing argument as to how excluding same-sex couples from getting married promotes responsible reproduction in general or by different-sex couples in particular. So far as this court can tell (the law) operates only to harm same-sex couples and their children," said the ruling from Judge Robert Hanson.

The ruling says the law must be rewritten in a gender neutral manner to allow same-sex couples to enter into civil marriage.

"This decision brings to life the Iowa Constitution's promise of equality for same-sex couples and their families in Iowa," said Camilla Taylor, attorney for Lambda Legal, the gay rights group that argued the case.

Sen. David Johnson, an Ocheyedan Republican, said he was disappointed but not surprised. He was one of the co-sponsors of a bill that would have put the gay marriage ban before voters as a proposed Constitutional amendment. He said the ruling underscores the need to resolve this issue with voters, not the courts.

"We should get this issue on the ballot as quickly as we possibly can," he said.

The case will likely be appealed to the Iowa Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

There is a new article on Meyer and the eServe deal from the Dispatch. It is apparent that Meyer has "lost it". I was hoping he wouldn't run again. I think he is starting to believe that he is the only one who can save Davenport from itself.

Meyer claims city staff lied about eServ question

DAVENPORT -- Ald. Keith Meyer stormed out of a committee meeting Thursday after accusing two city staff members of lying about a prior meeting on Rock Island company eServ's potential move to the city.

A product engineering services provider, eServ is set to move to Davenport's 53rd Street if the city agrees to rebate 80 percent of the property taxes for 15 years through tax increment financing on the company's proposed $24 million investment.

In a TIF district, any increase in taxes due to the increased property value created by development can be used for public infrastructure or rebates to developers.

The Iowa Department of Economic Development approved more than a $1 million-plus incentive package Aug. 16.

The 3rd Ward alderman asked community economic development director Clayton Lloyd and economic development program manager Elizabeth Murray Tallman if they recalled discussing how many of the 250 employees to be employed by eServ would actually live, work and raise their kids in Davenport.

Both Mr. Lloyd and Ms. Murray Tallman said they had no recollection of any such discussion, but Ald. Meyer claims they said maybe 10 at the most.

Ald. Meyer proceeded to question the two staff members and claimed they were lying. Committee vice chairman Ald. Brian Dumas, who was in charge because chairman Ald. Howard was absent, put a stop to the discussion and moved to the next item on the agenda.

Ald. Meyer said he protested the decision, but his request to proceed with his questions was denied.

After Ald. Meyer abruptly collected his belongings and exited the meeting, Mr. Lloyd met him at the door and said three times in a raised voice, "I do not lie."

Ald. Meyer previously was reprimanded by Mayor Ed Winborn for allegedly releasing information regarding to the project to the Disptach/Argus.

Despite the ongoing controversy, Jim Russell, who is negotiating a lease with eServ, said the negotiations are "all but done." He said finalization is only waiting on the city's incentive agreement, which could be approved as early as Sept. 5. Mr. Russell said construction on the new facility could begin within the next two months.

QuadCityImages said...

Hey, lets knock it off with the potentially copyright-infringing pasting of entire newspaper articles in the comments section. Just put a link, please, and if necessary quote an applicable passage from the article.

Anonymous said...

Lynn's other item to have the City set a floor of $1 million for rent at the RiverCenter is just as stupid. Why would anyone agree to pay higher than the floor in any negotiation? He would be great to have in my poker game. And how can you say he was speaking tongue-in-cheek when he made it a motion to be added to the agenda? Anybody but Lynn for 5th ward!

Anonymous said...

I think it makes some sense to set a 1 mill floor for rent when in fact the casino is getting a great deal on other things. Dr. Lynn is actually showing some smarts here! I would have to say he one of the brighter spots on council.

Anonymous said...

QCI, please explain how to post a link that you can click on so that it will take you to the article.

P.S, I don't think it's copyright infringement if you are quoting the source and not publishing for profit. Please enlighten me if I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

What I can't figure out is the difference between
a. the amount of money the IOC says the River Center gets in annual rent from the south building which is how they got their proposed annual rent.
b. the amount of 'revenue' the River Center says it gets from events using the south building.
There is some obvious massaging of numbers on both sides.
How much public oversight is there on the books at the river center?
How much of that 'revenue' is actually a food and beverage bill that the Radisson sees most of?
Has there been any growth in the usage of the south building or the 'state associations' that come to the River Center or are we just propping up a dying building?

Anonymous said...

It is stupid if you want to get more than a million, which is what the appraisal said should be paid. Lynn's idea would undercut the ability to get $1.2 million in rent. If you ar going to make the first offer it should be higher than you expect to get (more than $1.2 million). Do you get it now?

Lynn is perfect example of why economists aren't millionaires and why negotiating should be left to professionals.

Anonymous said...

Once again you can see the hatred Quadcityimage has against Yerington. This has nothing to do with him. The statement was made by LYnn NOT Yerington

Altho as I have seen on other sites it is not only hatred but PURE JELOUSLY because Yerington is a wonderful man and qcimage is a low life who writes an online blog which I add is FREE but he also begs for donations...

Please donate I need money for my time being an a$$

QuadCityImages said...

If you hate this blog so much, why do you spend your time here?

As far as the RiverCenter, I have no idea where the " current rent" figure is coming from. When they talk revenue, I assume that's what they charge the public for rental, or ticket fees, etc. Keep in mind that revenue isn't the same as profit.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this 3% down "rent to own" deal hurting the city in the pocket book? I assume that the owner of the property is going to record the transaction as a contract sale which makes the "owner/renter" eligible for the homestead credit and possibly the veterans exemption. This only amount to a couple of hundred dollars per per property each year but if it's done enough times it could add up to some substantial dollars. Maybe we should ask Billy Lynn about this,

Anonymous said...

I think the Isle of Capris is far better run then the boat in the City. It is cleaner, nicer, and just generally a better way to spend a day or evening. Typical of Davenport, they could screw up a wet dream!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

From what I know of the State law that mandates rental inspection in cities larger than 15,000, the Lynn ordinance is illegal. Does anyone know for sure what the definition of a "rental" property is in the eyes of the State? Don't realestate contracts have to be recorded to make them legal? Is it always Lynn's practice to skirt around the law to make his landlord friend wealthy?

No wonder the QCRPA couldn't get along with the NEO. The NEO wouldn't cave into QCRPA's ultimate goal of fleecing Davenport and tenants of their money or civil rights.

Anonymous said...
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QuadCityImages said...

This is absolutely NOT the thread, nor the blog, to debate gay marriage, especially using slurs.

Posts Deleted

Anonymous said...

Re the the rent to own thing. The city will not require the "contract" wink wink to be recorded. So, they just need to say they are a "contract" wink wink. Helloooooo --- drug dealers and slummm properties. Welcome to Davenport, I hope you are made very comfortable by the city council and staff.

Anonymous said...

If I live in the 5th ward, I would not vote for Lynn. In fact, i would be questioning this entire council as to how exactly this thing got snuck by us all. Why did you vote for this dumb thing aldermen? Who asked you to do this? Let me guess, Bill Lynn (aka Dan Lubell) (aka QCRPA) (aka SLUMLORDS United).

Anonymous said...

This Keith Meyer thing is really out of hand. He needs to go!

Unfortunately Bill Boom is not the answer either. Graller is a joke - right?

Who is this Greg Dyer fellow? Does anyone know anything about him?

I am ready to vote for him just because he is not Meyer or Boom.

Anonymous said...

To 6:48 pm: I couldn't find out anything about Dyer, but you are right about Graller. In searchingthe internet I found this wacko statement from her at the following website:

"Ok, I read every ones comments—I don’t think any one running a large company gives a rap about anything except their wallets! Born and raised in Michigan, with family menbers in the auto industry - Including my dad; (a tool and die maker,whom retired from Chrysler),we saw what the crystal ball showed us, when, in 1959/60, the neighbor’s son drove out of their drive way and down the street in the first forign car to sweep the nation –A German V.W. bug! No one cared- and no one got the message!! But-we knew! Then , Japan started selling like wild fire, south of the Michigan boarder. Still—no one got the message! I moved to Iowa to attend College -around the country then back to Iowa. The further from the Motor City the less loyalty to American Made Products! And the closer to the south, which gave us slavery, riots in the sixtys, and denial of fair wages, ie Wal-Mart and Ragan, the more the middle class suffers-while the CEO’S revel in glee at the millions acquired through greed and back door deals. Eventually bringing the American economy to its knees! As an optimist and loyalist: I still buy American, hoping that some of you are wrong, yet in my heart I know you are right! To J. Clark 5-15-07 at 9:32 a.m. ,” Please,” we have had more than enough of the press “2″ if you speek spanish! If you are writing in english–and want to emphasize courage,why use cajones-? why not say it in english? Balls! it takes balls! Golf, tennis, base-ball, bowling , or snow—-what ever —it takes Balls to get things moving!
Three hundred thousand human beings out of a job! Their families, homes, lively hood, the American Dream
we are all losing—Think about this people; every time you buy a forign car your money goes back to that forign land in profits, it does not stay here to help our country! I only wish these CEO’S loved the U.S.A. as much as I do!

Iowa’s caucas, is a great system here we meet and put these candidates feet to the fire! Questions such as “What are you doing, and going to do to turn American Economy around???! I believe it can if we vote and vote wisely! Let’s vote to change the way we do business!
Enough of the subsidies to corporations, like the oil companies ! Start screaming like hell at Congress ! Not just your Congressman or Senator, but all of them! If you don’t think we’re in trouble then think of who holds our U.S. debt! China, and Japan. Who’s flag will fly over the Nations Capitol if we are not careful!! Read the

JoAnna Graller D.C.
now of Davenport, Iowa"

Anonymous said...

God love ya QCI. finally WE HEAR from someone that sees though all the crap and states the truth that Lynn IS NOT good for Davenport! This SOB ids laughing at us thinking we are not paying attention! The day of reckoning is near!

Anonymous said...

Bill Lynn may well be the best alderman that has come to this City. What is wrong with a bit of competition for the gambling industry? That will make a better situation for the taxpayers if we get the best deal. And, another incredible thing that Lynn did is the guardian angels! I predict that Lynn will live up to his nickname, "Landslide Lynn"!

Anonymous said...

Still haven't read anything here or anywhere else about Greg Dyer. Does anyone know anything about him?