Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Candidate announcement: Jeff Justin

I was sent this candidate announcement for Jeff Justin:

Jeff Justin is a candidate for the 6th Ward seat on the Davenport City Council

Saying he is “a listener with proven leadership experience who cares about his hometown,” Jeff Justin announced his intentions to run for the 6th ward council seat currently held by Charlie Brooke.

“I will use my education and business experience to promote growth and recruit good paying jobs so our children have opportunities at home,” Justin said. “Davenport is my hometown and it is important to me that we continue to build on the many positive attributes of our city.”

Jeff was born and raised in Davenport’s 5th ward and is actively involved in the community. He was co-chair of the city governance committee, is a current member of the parking advisory committee, and is the Davenport community contact volunteer for his employer, MidAmerican Energy. In addition, he has been involved in United Way, Junior Achievement, Knights of Columbus, the Midwest Energy Association, the Bettendorf Chamber and DavenportOne, is on the board of the Davenport Kiwanis, and completed the Leadership Davenport curriculum through St. Ambrose University in 2002.

Jeff has worked for MidAmerican Energy for 27 years, and serves as Manager of Performance Support in the downtown office. He graduated from Central High School in 1978, received his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from St. Ambrose University in 2000, and his MBA from the University of Iowa in 2003. He graduated with honors from both universities and his education and professional experience will be an asset to the council and to the residents of the 6th ward.

Jeff has been married to his wife Susan since 1994. He has received support from the business community, city leaders, former aldermen, and many 6th ward residents who want him to bring his business experience and leadership to the council.

”We must continue to focus on infrastructure, crime, and fiscal responsibility,” Justin stated. “With the limited resources and variety of demands placed on local government, the City of Davenport, particularly the City Council, needs to set priorities, work together in a civil manner, and focus on including citizens and community stakeholders in achieving these priorities.”

“A successful and healthy community has a diverse growth plan that includes both public and private partners,” Justin added. “The Council hasn’t been able to work together to set priorities and work with community stakeholders in a progressive and aggressive way to achieve growth in our tax base. The confrontational style has also alienated key community partners who make significant investments in our community including private business, non-profits, and other government entities. Sound and efficient basic services, a solid capital investment plan to maintain and improve what we have, and innovative partnerships with our stakeholders to expand our tax base are key elements to growing our community. We must govern with the integrity, maturity, and intelligence that Davenport deserves.”

Please visit www.justin4davenport.com for more information. You may contact Jeff by e-mail at jwj@justin4davenport.com


Anonymous said...

co-chair of the city governance committee? Isn't that the group that wanted to shut down citizen input at council meetings?

Anonymous said...

Better Jeff than another landlord! At least he has a job unlike the majority of the current council.

Anonymous said...

I hate to break it to ya Jeff, but there isn't a not for profit in this town that is alienated from the free money the city gives away in abundance. If anything, these nor for profits thrive on the no questions asked policy of the city and the city staff. The more confrontation, the less questions about how these not for profits are wasting tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

8:56 pm - Better than another landlord? Better check again - Justin Associates owned by Jeffrey & Susan Justin own 4 rental properties in Davenport.

Too bad for you Landlord haters.

QuadCityImages said...

It seems like everyone in Davenport either owns rental properties or rents them from those who do. I suppose the low interest rates for mortgages lately, combined with decently high average rent is a combination too good to pass up for people with some money to invest.

Anonymous said...

You mean the city gives money to other projects besides the River Center? They have to ask to see a balance sheet like they did for John Lewis -oh never mind.
What is his take on the white elephant of downtown?

Anonymous said...

If only we could get 9 more people with this quality to run fr the other wards. Make that 8, we do have Frink already.

Anonymous said...

Wait, another fine candidate is announcing in the 6th. Jason Strang, and it will be interesting to see what he has to offer

Anonymous said...

I find it iteresting that these candidates are saying the biz doesn't want to come here, but fail to state why. WHY?????

Anonymous said...

I think that anyone watching city council meetings would have a pretty good idea why companies don't want to come here. We have council members that fail even to attempt civility. The behavior of council members and members of the public who just enjoy seeing themselves on TV, I feel sure, are the reason the city governance committee even considered taking the public show off TV. However they backed off that as soon as people from the public suggested it was a bad idea. I think it is refreshing to have someone like Jeff Justin that listens to the people. The majority of the aldermen now in office almost never listen to the people

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Olson, we haven't heard from you on the blogs since the last time you ran for office. Oh, my, how your hatred for the not-for-profits shines through.