Tuesday, September 05, 2006

September Fog

It's been soooo foggy this week...

How foggy was it?

It was so foggy that you could zoom right past the speed cameras without them seeing your plates.

It was so foggy that you have to trust that the street you're driving down doesn't suddenly end in a Looney Toons-style cliff or bottomless hole.

It was so foggy that you never go past 20mph and hope that no kids are out at that time of night.

It was so foggy that you could use a 25 foot tall yellow thumbtack on every corner to keep from missing your turn.

It was so foggy that the lights on the Skybridge actually prevented a barge from running aground in LeClaire Park.

It was so foggy that city officials actually had an excuse to say they don't see a crime problem in Davenport.


Anonymous said...

Conservative Demo here:

I see that your buddy with the bridge he thinks goes somewhere, while no longer requiring commenters to be registered, still wants to control his contributor's speech by moderating commentary.

Why even bother opening up and implicitly invite comment if he has to worry about said same comment?

And quite frankly, despite the fly and his my-blog-ought-to-be-holier-than-Thou's-blog sentiment, honest give-and-take sometimes does include calling one's fellow contributor an idiot or a dildo.

Anonymous said...

It was so foggy that Barney had to have his wife Sandy hold his can of beer so that he could have both hands on the wheel of his van! He did make it home ok.