Thursday, September 14, 2006

RiverWay 2006 Day 1

From's online schedule:

Thursday, Sept. 14
10:30 am Augustana College-Olin Center Dr. Michael Conzen -Railroad Leaps Mississippi
11:00 LeClaire House Karen Anderson -Gateway to the West frontier
12:00-12:45 pm Figge Art Museum Effie Afton Trial Reenactment
12:45-1:30 Figge Art Museum Larry Lockwood -Native American storytelling
12:30-1:15 Colonel Davenport House Bill Hannan -Colonel George Davenport
1:00-4:00 Deere-Wiman House Patricia Coffie -Railroad and river tales
Joe Nobling -Irish music
2:15-3:00 Colonel Davenport House Bill Hannan -Colonel George Davenport
2:30-4:00 Putnam Museum Julie Bull -Hobo Days & Iowa Farm life
Reid Miller -Storytelling, music & humor
3:00-3:45 Arsenal Museum Steve Marriott Building of the first bridge
3:30-4:15 Mississippi River Visitors Center Babs Trieber -Houseboat & train tales
3:30-5:00 Quad City Botanical Center Leanne Johnson -Folktales on animals of the area Peggy Jones -Railroad and river tales
4:00 LeClaire House Karen Anderson
5:30 Modern Woodman Train Dedication Ceremony, downtown Rock Island
6:30-7:45 Family Museum Duffy DeFrance -Interactive family stories
Jan Gray -Legendary figures
8:00-10:00 LeClaire Park Ghost Bridge

There will also be Transportation/Info Centers at the Figge, John Deere Commons, and downtown Rock Island, along with a shuttle bus route between the many events going on this weekend. If this event becomes a tradition I could see it someday being one of our biggest festival weekends.


WindingHills said...

Yesterday (on your blog) was the first I heard of this. I don't know why they didn't advertise this event. Maybe b/c I don't watch much local media I missed it. Sounds interesting though, thanks for the schedule.

Anonymous said...

Their marketing seemed pretty subtle. I did see the ads, but gained very little info without going to the website. Honestly I do not know how scenic a train trip would be to Iowa City or Galesburg. I feel a bit more inclined to catch the next early morning freight that crosses Central park just after 7 am.

QuadCityImages said...

I don't watch much TV, so I can't really say that I've seen any ads for it, but I have seen stuff for the Brew-Ha-Ha and Riverssance, which are kind of being lumped in with this event. If I've let at least one person know about something going on that they didn't know about before, I have accomplished something around here.