Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ghostbridge + high wind =
wet and disappointed people

The first night the Ghostbridge still had some kinks to work out. The second night I've heard it worked pretty well. Tonight they had it set up right, but high winds made it pretty tough to see, and also soaked some of the crowds. Hopefully tomorrow night everything works perfectly and the wind calms down.


Shelley said...

I've been there every night as well. While as you say, there are some kinks to work out, it seemed like people really had a good time hanging out on the river on these beautiful nights. I was with my roomie-the sound company-and many people approached us while he set up asking what was going on. Two couples said they were going home to get their kids. It is really interesting to observe every face turned toward the image and listening to the narrative (which is very good and can be clearly heard). Last night, they could have easily cancelled and there would have been many more disappointed people. Granted, staying close to the projection van (and last night being on the east side kept one dry) provides a clearer image. It is an imaginative way to tell a story and to get people to the river. Children playing, multi-generational groups talking, every walk of life-all focused on the river. Please be assured that everyone involved is working hard to get the show on-sound, projection, pumps. Ben, the projectionist was told by the manufacturer that he is leasing the machines from that Detroit and Dallas both tried this and failed.
It also occured to me that we should be showing films in LeClaire Park in the summer. I asked Mr. Willard from the Times if he recalled events like that in the park and he didn't know. They did it in Cedar Falls this summer in Overman Park, where they built a new bandshell. QCI-thanks for all of your other coverage. I've sent your link to a railroad buff in Cedar Rapids.

QuadCityImages said...

Yeah, don't get me wrong, I love the idea. I'm pretty bummed that I had to work Friday night and missed what will probably be the best performances of the ghost bridge. I have various connections to the people working on it too, such as one of the guys from the Sailing Club that helped move the barge into position, and some of the people from ECS as well. Some of them told me that Friday night went pretty well, even though there wasn't much coverage in the papers about it.

I was thinking maybe they could set up some kind of traditional portable screen, or a clear mesh screen like the IMAX uses, if its super windy again tonight. Of course, they'd need a lot of anchors and supports to keep the screen from turning into a sail... Even just a TV or something sitting in the side door of the van where people could watch the movie in case it doesn't show up well on the water screen.

If they ever get this completely tweaked, and it doesn't cost all that much, maybe someday they can have weekly or monthly summer movies projected out on the river.

Sid Eline, Jr said...

Well, we were there on Friday night with about 300 other people and no one could make out anything on the water screen, just some black and white movement of something. What a waste of time.