Sunday, April 15, 2007

Niabi Zoo images

Some of us from the "Quad Cities" group on Flickr met up at Niabi Zoo this morning for some picture-taking. I was surprised how crowded the zoo was getting as I left around 11:30, and I'm always pleased with how much progress is made every year at Niabi lately. Here are a few quick images, and I'll add a link to the ones I post on Flickr when I get around to that. Update: It turns out that my free Flickr account limits me to 3 subsets, so here's a link to all of my Flickr shots, with the newest (zoo) ones first.The cash cow railroad was doing good business as always.
You just can't go wrong with 9" tall baby goats.A black bear finding another breakfast of fruit salad and dogfood.Construction is still underway on the Colobus Monkey habitat and the Serengeti Observation Deck, which according to the website will be the future site for giraffe feeding at Niabi Zoo. Two years ago I visited the zoo after about a 10 year gap, and was very pleasantly surprised with how much had been added. Now just 2 years later even more stuff has been, and is being added. Its yet another often-overlooked amenity we have in the Quad Cities.


The said...

I agree, I really enjoyed the park last fall with my family. They had a day every week where it was free!

pioneer98 said...

My family went there today, but we must have just missed you guys. We got a season pass this year because our 2 year old loves it so much. The giraffe thing will be cool.

Socialist Christian Hippie said...

thanks for the pics. We've been members for nearly, jeez, probably 4 or 5 years. I've loved the zoo all my life.

Anonymous said...

Having fed giraffes at a couple other zoos, I am quite confident that a giraffe feeding station will be extremely popular.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of a leaf being snatched out of your hand by a big, gray, prehensile giraffe tongue. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience it.