Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just Images and captions

For those of you wanting to discuss the pitiful circus we call City Hall, stick with the thread below. I'm beyond sick of all of this drama myself. Both "sides" of the council are spending too much time fooling around and not enough time helping Davenport.

I took a drive and a couple walks yesterday to check out a few things.
First I drove out to see if any construction has started on 65th east of Brady in regards to connecting it to Eastern. Nope.
My second stop, which could hardly have been farther away, was to check out the new Sunderbruch Park (formerly Southwest Park) on Telegraph Road. It definitely paints me as an East Sider, but I don't think I've been that far down Telegraph in my 24 years of living in Davenport. Aside from being distant, this is shaping up to be a great park. There's a paved bike/pedestrian trail that winds a ways into the park, and there are also dozens of dirt hiking or biking trails throughout the area. I'm definitely going to have to return with my bike and investigate Sunderbruch Park further once we get past this crazy Winter weather. Everyone who enjoys nature or lives in SW Davenport should check it out as well.I posted what is basically this same picture, although with more construction going on, last year around this same time. For some reason I just love this view of downtown Davenport.The reason I was in the RiverCenter to take that image both this year and last year was the ISPA State 8 and 9-ball Championships. Its quite an impressive operation to move in probably over 100 pool tables into both sides of the River Center, and then hang lights over each one. The schedule is as follows:
Wednesday, Singles 9-Ball
Thursday & Friday, 8-Ball Singles Event
Saturday & Sunday, All Team Events
I'm pretty sure its free to watch, and its a pretty cool event for downtown.


Anonymous said...

If you want great entertainment go to the musical Chicago at the Adlar this evening. What a great show and was well worth the money.
100% professionally done!

Anonymous said...

Your boy wonder almost lost his job last night (and for good reason). But I'm sure you'll stick your head in the sand and say I'm tired of the circus. Well it's your boy playing ringmaster to the circus. I hope he got the hint that he is not welcome here anymore.

Anonymous said...

I guess I will be the odd man out and actually comment on the pics in the post. I wish we had more media coverage of the cool things we have in the area (like the tremendous amount of trails we have) but I guess we have to settle on the high school antics of a city council.
oops, kinda went off topic didn't I?

Anonymous said...

Logged into the Colonel's blog and found this message:

This blog is under review due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations and is open to authors only

So this is the reason the Colonel is offline?

QuadCityImages said...

No. The Colonel shut down his blog, closed it entirely. Any of you could have snagged the domain. Instead some spam bot saw how many sites still link to that blog, and started a new blog there. The same thing happened to QC Backstage. I'm guessing someone reported the spam blog for its own terms of service violation.

Anonymous said...

But I would like to know WHY the Col. shut it down.

Gina said...

QC Times staff reported the blog violation when they were notified the link was now to spam that included Viagra advs.

Love the pics, QCI.

My favorite QC Times blog post of the day:


I think the post was titled new math for Davenport or something. Hysterical, but sadly also true : (

Anonymous said...

QCI: I get the feeling that you blame all of us for the fiasco at city hall instead of Malin? Why is that?

Perhaps your golden man at city hall really is not good for this city?

QuadCityImages said...

I like where the city is going and where it has gone since Malin's arrival. His methods can be annoying, and certain council members who want to micromanage the city instead of having a city manager have had it out for him from day one. Some of the stuff has been Malin's fault, some of the stuff has been others' faults. I just believe he isn't the devious plotter than he's portrayed as.

Gina said...

QCI, while the council members you mention can be on the outer fringe and have kooky ideas, sometimes even the kooks can be right.

From the inside I can ASSURE you Malin's best and maybe only attribute is his ability to manipulate/scheme.

Sorry to burst your bubble QCI. If you worked for the man or shadowed people who do even for a very short time you would see what Malin really is.

Yes he accomplishes (sometimes) good things though he doesn't deserve all the credit either. But in his eyes the ends always justify the means. No matter how slimey the means are. THAT is the problem with Craig Malin.

I can't really blame Malin for what continues to go on though. If he didn't have his support group (Winborn & the "fab" four council members), he wouldn't be getting by with this junk. Ultimately we elected Winborn (and I am ashamed to say I did too) and we have ourselves to blame.

I'll be putting my money and my vote where my mouth (and conscience) are next round. I urge everyone else in Davenport to do the same.

QuadCityImages said...

I do know a number of city employees who work for and with Malin, and they have an entirely different view. So... that argument doesn't fly with me. It might be a matter of opinion.

Anonymous said...


Stop with the rhetoric. Who are these employees?

As someone involved in this city re: the groups and citizens efforts, I too, have worked with him. He is the master. He is frustrating. His typical way is the lead you on and encourage your ideas actively and then he pulls the wool out from under you. He is pathetic. He has real personality problems. Sociopathic really. He is a quiet control freak. He has to be in control of everything.

Anonymous said...

QCI, ask the employees you know who like Malin if they have ever had to tell him that something he wants to do is illegal or something else he may need to hear but doesn't want to. I'll bet they haven't. Once you tell the man there might be a problem with something he wants to do he get's ugly. Real ugly. Then he makes them disappear. Doesn't have the guts to actually fire them. He does other weird things that tend to be more shady and cost the city more than people know about.

Why don't you ask the last two people that worked on the comprehensive plan what they think of Malin. He nuked them both but they had the last laugh. They both have better jobs now and their plan won an award.

pioneer98 said...

Going back to the actual thread...

My wife and I were fortunate enough to see Chicago tonight. We also saw it in Des Moines a few years ago when it came around. Both shows were different, but equally good. We were near the front of the balcony tonight, which were better seats than we had in DSM (they don't have a balcony there, so the seats in back are pretty far away).

It was great to see so many people downtown (on a Wednesday night, no less) between Chicago and the pool tournament.