Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Assortment

First, an image of the Centennial Bridge. Just because.

New big box store coming to former Joevan site -QCOnline
Anyone have any guesses as to what "big box store" will be replacing the blighted Joevan/Shopko/Target eyesore at Kimberly and Locust? Anything's better than what's there, especially considering how much of a gateway to Davenport that is. My guess is Circuit City.

Also, don't forget that the 2nd version of Monday's LeClaire Park planning meeting is today in the Design Center, at noon. So take your lunch break and head downtown to help shape Davenport's riverfront for years to come. Bring lunch.

Things coming up in the next few days:
A post in about the RiverWalk Lofts (Salvation Army renovation)
Possibly something about the casino's rumored plans
Maybe even a Where in the QC is this?
Hopefully some images captured on the upcoming warm days.


Anonymous said...

Please not ciruit city. They are financially stuggling because they aren't competitve in their current markets. We don't need someone else to move in and close right away. I've heard Costco and I'm hoping that's the ticket. Though I'll even take greenspace over what we have there now.

Anonymous said...

Another, "please not Circuit City." They just fired over 3400 employees for making too much money. The employees were the more experienced ones that knew about the product they were selling. The only employees they want now are ones to push overpriced "service plans."

I think Costco would be great, as their starting wage is over $10 and includes benefits.

been there done that said...

If you make big money at an electronics store, you sell mostly cutting edge items, heavily spiffed items by the manufacturer, service plans and contracts and a lot of additional accompanying products. If it is advertised heavily it is probably not a moneymaker for the salesman. However most stereo equipment usually has a good margin of profit. Excepting stereo equipment, service contracts, service plans and add-on items often make as much profit for an electronic store as the big-ticket electronics do. Unless the store is selling cutting edge electronics the profit margin is often questionable. The Quad Cities has not been a good market for cutting edge electronics in the past. HDTV was a hard sell in this region for a long time. QC consumers are slow to accept change and electronics change quickly. Still, after the fall of Ultimate, there is a big hole in the electronics market in the QC. American and Best Buy can pretty much monopolize the QC market as it sets now.

QuadCityImages said...

I'm a Best Buy guy myself, and have generally avoided American. Yet a couple months ago I found a set of computer speakers at American that are almost impossible to find even on the internet. More stores and more variety isn't a bad thing, unless as someone said, the store were to close soon after being built.

I remember reading in the previous articles about this land that realtors were saying it isn't big enough for a Costco.

Sylvia said...

Off topic: anyone know where I can sell some used stereo equipment and speakers?