Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A few reminders

I should have posted the Earth Week schedule at the beginning of the week, but I assume most of you would have seen it on Alderman Frink's blog or in the newspaper.

Today the council is touring the new PD, which will be the first LEED certified municipal building in Iowa. That's a good thing. I'm hoping the public will have a chance to tour it, or at least part of it at some point. This Saturday, those attending River Action's Fish and Fire 2007 will get a sneak peek of at least the green roof, if not the whole building. Here's the website for that event, the rest of which will be held at John O'Donnell.

Tomorrow the Design Center will be hosting an open house from 11am to 2pm. The Design Center is collocated with the City's Parking Office, at 2nd and Brady in the first floor of the MidAmerican Building. According to the Official Week's Schedule, at this event, "this department and other allied community organizations will display examples of their activities that are making our community more healthy, active and green."

Friday there will be some sort of event at the South end of the Skybridge showing off park planning and development projects. I'll try and get more info on that today.

Saturday Ian Frink is having another All-Wards meeting, this time at the Genesis Heart Institute on East Rusholme. Here's his page about the meeting.


Snarky Chick said...

LEED certification is a big deal in the environmentalist world. I'm glad this is something that was included in the design of the new building. In fact, I would hope all of our cities designs would be done in this manner. It typically costs a little more to design and build but pays off in lowered utility bills and of course the priceless gain of being better for the environment.

Anonymous said...

I wish the city would have not scaled back on the original Charlie Heston plans for the Police Station. It was to be equipped with Geo-thermal heating and other cost savings stuff.

Anonymous said...

The geo-thermal is there.

Ambrose Fulton said...

Any websites for LEED stuff?

Personally I like global warming, but I'm all about total life cycle cost reduction. (Geo-thermal does seem to fit this bill, although it's a tad expensive to install, and you can't fit into boiler systems - in our COLD clime you still need back furnaces. For the south, this stuff should be mandated in new construction - anything to reduce natural gas/heating oil consumption)