Friday, April 20, 2007

News links & an old book

Landmarks group throws cold water on Armory plan -QCOnline
"Landmarks group needs to suggest (and pay for) a better plan" -QCI

Airport buying Flick's in $2.3M deal -QCOnline
Airport to buy Flick's -QCTimes
This seems fairly logical, assuming Flick's can find another location. The "QCI" Airport is certainly getting a lot of good news and good numbers lately.

Van Fossen pleads guilty to OWI -QCTimes
For some reason I thought this was already taken care of. Aren't DUI cases normally processed in less than 18 months? No one around the blogs seems to really think VF should remain in office, so there's hardly anything to discuss here. Resign already!

Davenport Past & Present 1858 -EBAY
I wasn't going to post this one, because I was hoping to win the auction. However, its got all day left and its already over $50, so it'll probably go higher than I can really shell out for a 149 year old book right now.


cruiser said...

If you waive the right to a speedy trial it gives you time to go through rehab. If you do that before the trial, they go easier on you. I hope he learned something.

pioneer98 said...

The Armory thing is a joke. What more does Rock Island have to do to try to rehab the building? And its not like the state is going to cough up any money to help them. I agree with one of the commenters on QCOnline that said: just because a building is old doesn't mean it's historic.