Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Stuff I'm wondering about

Before I go emailing anyone important to bother them with these questions, maybe I should ask on here. I was always impressed with the collective amount of knowledge about local goings-on over at DDP.

1. What's the status of the Rhythm City hotel? Is the EPA/Corps of Engineers looking it over? Is IOC worried about other things? (Mississippi) Bettendorf's project is moving forward, but I haven't heard an update on Davenport's in months.

2. How is Davenport PD's "test" of Chevy Impalas going? Is the DPD going to begin switching over to smaller cars, possibly against officers' wishes? Are they going to also test a Dodge Charger squad car? Is the plan still in place to switch Davenport's cars back to white for more "professionalism?"

3. I haven't actually looked at it in a few weeks, but is the former Trinity North still being converted into a long-term acute care hospital? Last time I saw it there wasn't much activity. I haven't read anything about it since this. Any of you NoLo people see signs going up there?

4. Why can't we do SOMETHING, ANYTHING with the former Showcase Cinemas and Ramada/Wicliff/Rat-matress hotel on Brady? Niky listed it as a large concern, and I certainly agree with her on that. Visitors coming into Davenport from I-80 are welcomed with blight. Even an empty field is better than those buildings. In addition to our high school's having on the job classes that teach building a home, we could have one that teaches demolishing a hotel/cinema.

5. Any interested parties for buying the Blackhawk hotel, assuming Question #1 is answered by progress on the IOC issue? If we can find takers for the Mississippi hotel, I suspect we could find people who'd be willing to accept an 11-story historic building for free.

6. Speaking of that, whats the Mississippi hotel developer up to? Still trying to work out financing? Construction is started on the Adler expansion, so to avoid having 2 seperate construction periods for that block, they should begin soon on the Mississippi.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Question #1, go ahead and bother them. They've bothered us plenty.

Anonymous said...

You think the powers that be in downtown davenport (d1, rcc, river center, radison, lee corp, ect) really want the details of downtown redevelopment as election debate? I'm guessing they are saving their pr machines until after they find out who the new guys in city hall will be.