Monday, October 17, 2005

Not Exactly a Scoop

Quad City Times article about DDP

Only 4 months after the Leader ran an article about Daily Davenport Politics, the QCTimes got around to printing one. I don't blame the author at all though, as when he called me he too seemed to believe that an article was overdue. I'm not really one for conspiracy theories, but maybe DDP is seen as competition by the Times high-ups?

Whereas the Argus/Dispatch/Leader article was based almost entirely off of an email interview with Fly, the Colonel, and myself, the QCTimes didn't allow anonymous sources in their article. Instead there's a wide cross-section of people quoted about DDP, and blogging in general. Its a different perspective than the previous article, and hopefully renewed publicity will get Fly enough clout to get all of the required folks into his Rule #3 Party. Being above the fold on the front page of the Quad City Times is nothing to sneeze at, no matter what you think of the paper. Also thanks to the author, David Heitz, for not making me sound crazy.

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