Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Your 2008 Davenport City Council

The results, as of 9:45PM

Courtesy of the Scott County Auditor's Election Returns site
Winners are in bold, and the candidates are listed in order of my endorsements.

Bill Gluba 62.35%
Phil Yerington 37.07%

Ian Frink 30.59%
Gene Meeker 29.36%
Jennifer Olsen 28.36%
Tina Gillispie-Clawson 11.31%

1st Ward:
Nate Brown 61.95%
Pat Gibbs 37.91%

2nd Ward:
Thomas Carnahan 25.11%
Shawn Hamerlinck 74.61%

3rd Ward:
Bill Boom 56.09%
Keith Meyer 43.40%

4th Ward:
Lisa Lewis 48.18%
Ray Ambrose 51.7%

5th Ward:
Doug Cunningham 42.07%
Bill Lynn 57.93%

6th Ward:
Jeff Justin 60.15%
Dale Gilmour 39.72%

7th Ward:
Barney Barnhill 64.48%
Marcia Patch 35.40%

8th Ward:
Mike Matson 59.51%
Becky Schabilion 40.31%


not surprised said...

So with 100% reporting, it looks like Frink and Meeker (though Olsen shouldn't count out a recount just yet.) Most of the results are pretty understandable, but what happened to Olsen and Cunningham?

Both of them ran great campaigns. I can't accept that the disciplinary board complaint changed the result, it was so nit-picky and Olsen responded so well to it that my brain just rejects the concept that it might have worked.

And Cunningham, geez, I keep rechecking the results because I expected the vote to break 58/42 for him, not against him. Mailers, yard signs, lit drops, endorsements, calls, he whooped Lynn's butt.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Gluba, Ian, Gene, AND Bill B. Not bad! If only Ray could have been knocked off too...so close! Anyway, I'm pretty happy with this, and I'm looking forward to a much more functional and civil City of Davenport.

gina said...

Glad to see Meyer finally got kicked off too. Sad because he had some good ideas in there but recently he's been less and less coherent. Even for him.

I was sorry to see Lynn & Ambrose still win but let's face it their margins were pretty small. Small enough to make them think about what they had better change over the next two years.

Interesting that slightly more than a third of the voters actually wanted a Yerington repeat. Or maybe I should just say scary....

Though Gluba needs to learn from Winborn's mistakes. Winborn made a lot of the same promises and got no where. If possible he might have even made it worse.

At least Gluba gets rid of a couple problem children - namely 1st and 3rd wards so he should have a real shot at reshaping our council into something more functional than a puppy chasing it's tail.

Anonymous said...

I hear "bless his heart" when it comes to Meyer.

Folks, the guy is certifiably insane (paranoid)and he simply needs to disappear. I am more optimistic about the City than I have been in years . . . .

Anonymous said...

It would have been nice if Ambrose had been knocked off, but realistically, he iS the dumbest person on Council and will remain irrvellevent over the nest two years . . . .

Anonymous said...

11:04...Where did you get that Lynn's margins were small? He beat Cunningham by 16% and by 237 votes! I think Lynn has a mandate.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that Meyer has been able to hold this city hostage for the last 4 years just because of 300+ voters. Such a SMALL amount of voters have been able to make the council a bottleneck. Where are the 3rd ward voters? Why don't they vote??

Anonymous said...

Phil, it's time to go away, unless Gov. Ryan decides to move to Davenport and run for mayor after he gets out of prison. Then maybe you would have a chance.

But then again, when you look at the 1st ward, I think the city has had enough of "retired" Davenport police officers running this city.

Anonymous said...

I don't think negative campaigning did Jen in.

I think Meeker appeals to the D-1 and "civility" crowd that appeared to have the most resonance with voters Tuesday.

It's too bad, because I thought a combination of Olsen and Frink really would be representative of the city as a whole, while Frink and Meeker are quite similar.

Anonymous said...

I predicted after primary that Gluba would carry 60%+ and if Meeker worked his tail off he would beat out Olsen. I think the tell-tale race (along with Gluba's victory) is Justin over Gilmour. This should send a message loud and clear to Ambrose, Hamer and Lynn where the majority of Davenporters stand. They know a balance of basics AND nice stuff makes for the best community. Get on board guys and let's make Davenport great!

Anonymous said...

I finally feel hope for this city. With the victories, Ambrose, and Lynn might as well just sit out the next two years. Hammerlink needs to rethink his votes and move to a more progressive thinking council. He is still young and hopefully as he matures he will get some more sense.

Anonymous said...

"This should send a message loud and clear to Ambrose, Hamer and Lynn where the majority of Davenporters stand."

Yeah, this takes me back to the Ambrose, Nickolas, and what's his name (before Lynn). The three couldn't get anything their way.

That's when progress was made in this town.

Good times ahead!!!

Anonymous said...

Olsen lost because of the mailer. It is simple. Nothing else. Meeker and frink had tons of money and Olsen had tons of votes. She actually is the winner. That lady pulled off the impossible. She got nearly 30% of the votes on her message and her name. Not money. Just imagine if she had the money on her side too. She nearly beat Davenport One with the money. Go Jenn.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break, Jen had money behind her also. Why the sympathy- I don't understand??? Clearly the people of Davenport are ran by a few "upper crust" and the rest of us have to live with that. I am disappointed that people choose not to see the facts. Jen was and is the same type of people as Frink and Meeker. Who is kiddin who? Frink is the Vice President of his dad's company....Meeker has been around for thirty years and knows all the business men. It would have been great to see new faces on the council. Seems weird that Frink happened to move to town and run for election the same year. Dumas also. Plus, Grubbs has been backing all these kinds of candidates. Someone told me that Jen Olsen had been fired from several Law firms before. Did I believe it? Is it a lie. There are skeletons in everyone's closet. I just don't know why people buy into the stuff. If money buys the council we all should just stay home and let them pick all the leaders from now on. IT IS WASTE of TIME.

Anonymous said...

I’m glad Ambrose got in. He really cares and helps his ward. I can understand why 'big government' people don’t like him, but I do not understand the comment he is dumb. I know him well, he is very bright. He made his money in the restaurant business; and he is married to a doctor. A dumb people do not do that. Watch the meetings, he is smart. (Ironic the person who called him dumb misspelled their comment).

walnut said...

Try watching him on the telly. This clown is a complete tool!

Anonymous said...

If you do watch him on television, you will see he stands out as one of the bright spots on the Council.

Anonymous said...

Guess, we will all find out how successful the new council is after the next buget cycle and we see all the expeditures for the people. They rightly won and no one can gripe. Cause the election is over now.

Anonymous said...

11/09/2007 4:21 PM said:

"A dumb people do not do that."
Enough said about someone defending him as being smart!!


"He made his money in the restaurant business"

Never heard that one. What restaurant??