Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Weekend Events

I'll resurrect my practice of listing weekend events, at least for this weekend. There are a bunch.


Annual Downtown Davenport Stakeholder Meeting
7:30AM at the River Center North, Iowa Rooms

100 Year Anniversary Open House
11AM-2PM at The Davenport, 324 N. Main St

Festival of Trees
12PM-4PM in the River Center


Festival of Trees
9AM-9PM in the River Center

Festival of Trees Holiday Parade
11AM in Downtown Davenport

Tours of the new Scott County Jail
10AM-2PM at the Jail, 400 W. 4th St

Great Train Expo
10AM-4PM at the QCCA Expo Center

Lighting of the Commons
3:30PM-6:30PM on the John Deere Commons

Quad City Symphony Holiday Pops Concert
7:30PM at the i wireless Center


Great Train Expo
10AM-4PM at the QCCA Expo Center

Festival of Trees
10AM-7PM in the River Center


Matt said...

if anyone's interested in good art and happens to be downtown, you might want to check out David Rathman at the Figge. i saw it a couple sundays back and was really impressed. I wrote about it here.

I can't believe Festival of Trees is already upon us. Time flies.

Anonymous said...

I just checked prices for the Adler presentation of Annie. I thought it would be nice to take my family (wife, 14 year old daughter, 9 year old son) but was shocked that it would set me back $175 - $225. I'm all for these venues, but can hardly afford one show a year let alone three or four.

My duaghter is just in love with the musical RENT and I will bite the bullit and buy tickets for that, but it would have been nice if I could have taken the family to more than one show.

Anonymous said...

40 bucks for a ticket is about average for anything right now. I have seen a little more affordable, I think Wilco was pretty resonable, and I have seen way worse.
I don't think it's the venues fault.
Ticketmaster dictates to price of tickets more than anything.

QuadCityImages said...

And then adds on their "convenience fee" on top of anything. In the case of the Wilco concert it was like 25% of the final price.

Anonymous said...

If you took your family to Circa it would cost you the same amount but you *would* get a halfway decent meal with that. With the stage expansion at the Adler bigger shows are coming in with better quality performers. There might be up to 40 people traveling with the show with 4 to 5 semis carrying the sets, lights, costumes and props. With only 2400 seats to sell the theatre has to adjust prices to match the cost of the show.
Also, if TicketMaster was a person, it would be a slumlord in SoLo.

Anonymous said...

I'm not complaining that the tickets are out-of-line for the production, I'm just trying to let QCI and others know that even with these great ammenities downtown, we cannot enjoy them as much as we would like to on limited budgets. We would definitely use them more often.

I don't know if this makes good business sense, but it would be nice to have discounted tickets for locals so they make their profit from volume. But if the Adler is selling out with the prices as they are that will never be an option. Oh well, I guess I'm just feeling sorry for myself and my lack of entertainment dollars.

QuadCityImages said...

At least the new Swing (or whatever) owners are talking about lowering ticket prices for next year.