Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Some election tidbits

The highest turnout in Davenport was in Precinct D63 (35.80%), which is the area from Kimberly to 53rd, and from a mixture of Eastern and Jersey Ridge over to the Bettendorf border.

Riverdale, the only place around here with more of a city hall circus than us, had 61.56% of their registered voters come to the polls yesterday.

The only precincts with lower turnout this year than in 2005 were D21 and D53. In a true demonstration of consistency and stability, if not voting for the right guy, D52 had the exact same number of voters (188) that they did in 2005.

Overall in Davenport, voters increased from 15,548 in the 2005 election to 17,031 this year.

The ward that increased turnout the most was the 1st ward, followed by the 6th and 2nd. Sadly, the 3rd Ward had the lowest rate of increase in voter turnout.

Within the 3rd Ward, the D33 Precinct (Downtown Davenport) increased by the highest percentage and highest number of additional votes. This doesn't really explain Keith's 126-vote deficit, however.

Possibly more to come, but for now I'm going to bed. Consider this an election rehash open thread.


Anonymous said...

Bye-Bye Keith...
For those againsters, looks like a solid block for Davenport One...

Brown,Boom,Justin,Barney,Frink,Meeker,Mattson... 7 to 3

You also wonder if the Hammer might start to think, and decide the Ambrose - Lynn coalition isn't a strong future.

But best of all, we got Mayor Gluba. A liberal Democrate that wants to open "the checkbook" for new projects....

Hah, Hah, Glad I live in Bettendorf

Anonymous said...

I think you are right, if Hammerlink doesn't re-think his coalition, he might be the next one to be voted off the island.

Anonymous said...

I think Hmmerlinck has a mandate. So does Lynn. Keep up the good work guys.

pioneer98 said...

What does "mandate" mean? Does that mean that Ambrose does not have a mandate then? Will it really change how these guys vote because they had a wide or slim margin of victory?

Anonymous said...

The only one that has a mandate is Boom.

Anonymous said...

It is such an honor to be able to participate in a city election. It is humbling every time someone pledges support, money or sponsors a yard sign. To my supporters I would like to say we have not lost if we brought our issues forward and they are acted upon to the benefit of the City of Davenport. To my campaign staff my heartaches for you, your selfless hours of volunteering, you deserve the ultimate recognition for your commitment to the betterment of the community. To the hundreds of people who answered when I knocked on doors – it was an enlightening experience to personally receive an education about what concerns you have for this fine city. Be assured we do not stop because we lost the election – we go back to work in our individual neighborhoods to make them better and safer for our families. I will continue to advocate for our community and look forward to the future for this great city. Again, thank you to my supporters, my friends, and especially my family for their continued support.

Douglas S. Cunningham
Fifth Ward

Lisa said...

I was about to post something similar to Doug's, but his words are so perfect (and mirror my own thoughts in almost every way) that I'll just say "ditto".

Thank you all.

Lisa Lewis

Walnut. said...

Stick around Doug and Lisa, I expect you to be running again in 2009. We need solid folks like you. Too bad there wasn't more informed voters in Davenport. Thank you for both, also Jen Olsen, for giving me hope that Davenport will soon be a better place.

By the way Lisa, you looked marvelous Tuesday night!

Anonymous said...

Hear we go again on Lisa's LOOKS, please. She was running to represent the people not for a beauty contest. We did get all the PAC people that were endorsed by Ruhl and Ruhl, Chamberlain and ect. This means we replaced one Howard and got four more in her place. Too bad for Davenport Iowa, the forclosures will be higher. Big business will have the say and the tax payers can't say they weren't warned or that they had no choice. They just refuse to keep these people out.

Anonymous said...

I often wonder who would get elected if every eligible voter came out and voted. As far as the results go, everybody I voted for lost. I live in the 4th ward and I'm really not sure how Ambrose continues to get re-elected time and time again. I was also sorry to see Olsen go down, I think she is someone who would work very hard to do the right things for this city. I can't say that I have the same opinion of the newly elected council or mayor, but I guess time will tell. I do fear that big business and big money will have even more influence on the politics in Davenport going forward. I certainly hope I'm wrong and there are better days ahead for this city.

Anonymous said...

Meyer" Legacy

File suit against Malin, Winborn and the city. Meyer's attorney most likely has taken the suit on a contingency fee agreement. I doubt Keith has the funds to pay the legal bills if the suit is dismissed. A negotiated settlement pays Meyer's attorney with little or nothing to Meyer. What does he get? Revenge, justification or whatever it is that drives his obsession.

Malin, Meyer and the city will defend themselves. Counter suit filed? The city of Davenport will have substantial legal fees to defend Meyer's lawsuit. The city may choose to file a counter suit. More money there.

All this from the Alderman who pledge to save you the taxpayer money. It is hypocrisy, nothing more than Meyer's paranoia driving a delusional quest for justice.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 6:56,

Beauty and brains are a magical mixture. Oh well, take a breath and get over it.

Lisa said...

Thanks, Walnut. Since I don't know who you are, I had no idea you were around on Tuesday night. Wish you'd have introduced yourself!

In any case, I hope you all saw the really bad picture of me in the paper on Tuesday morning. I don't always look "marvelous". Sometimes I look like I'm trying to take a bite out of the back of Jenn's head.



Lisa Lewis

Anonymous said...

Lisa and Doug - Great job, but truly sorry about the outcome. Most important, keep your name and faces in front of the people of Davenport for the next two years. Let them know who you are and what you think!

Anonymous said...

The best council that money can buy! It's nice to see DavenportOne accomplish something.

Anonymous said...

Not all Davenport ones people got in. Lewis didn’t. They gave her a campaign manager, money, a photographer and she still could not take out Ray. The times, union and county boys backed her. She had people lie about him (he killed the animals in the zoo,) Why could she not take him out? Because he is great!
Thank God we live in America, a place where someone who takes care of his ward (not take care of D1) has a chance to win. He is not for big government and neither is his ward. I’m so proud that D1 could not buy the 4th Ward. I’m proud to be a 4th warder!

Anonymous said...

My gosh, you would think that Ambrose won by a landslide. The fact is almost 50% of his ward voted him out of office and the rest didn't even care enough to vote. I would think that an Alderman that has 10 years under his belt and almost lost should see that he is no winner.

Walnut said...

Your "Ray" has proven to be an idiot. He serves to only the oatmeal eaters and that seams to get him re-elected. Seems that Ma and Pa Kettle don't read the papers nor watch the public service channel while Tony make a blooming fool out of himself most every time he talks. Cut the NEO without knowing what it is they do, suggest to hire retired cops and fireman to enforce the city codes at 20hrs a week. Then starts complaining at council meetings about the trash in his ward after he cut the same department that abates debris. Ambrose asked DPD for extra patrols to run the "homo's" off so that he can ride is bike on the river front.

This clown, along with those who voted for him, haven't a clue what goes on in this city and how to get things done. Papa Ray is surely rolling over in his grave as his son, a complete tool, makes a mess out of his ward!

QuadCityImages said...

Don't forget his election year stunts of 2005 to ban scary dogs and screw with the sex offender laws. Or his supporters somehow linking the rainbow district with pedophiles. I suppose he's a product of his time, but his as younger generations start voting in his ward, he'll be on his way. It very nearly happened this year.

Walnut said...

Thanks QCI, there's just too much to list that this fool has done or not done for this city. It gives me a headache.

Anonymous said...

Your friends at work here, QCI.
Hold the announcement until, after the election. Smart move D-1.

Centro to close Dec. 31; new restaurant will open in January
StoryDiscussionFont Size: Default font size Larger font size By Doug Schorpp | Thursday, November 08, 2007 | No comments posted

After weeks of speculation and rumors that Centro’s downtown Davenport restaurant would close, representatives confirmed Wednesday that the eatery would shut down Dec. 31.

But a new restaurant is slated to take over the site on Second Street, according to River Music Experience, or RME, the non-profit organization that owns portions of the Redstone Building, where Centro is located.

RME said in a news release that Redstone Woodfire Grill, an independent owner-operator concept restaurant, will open in the 10,500-square-foot space sometime in January after some minor revisions. Woodfire Grill, owned by Toby Christianson, will offer, according to the news release, “an upscale casual dining experience with a hip urban ambience.”

The news release stated that RME and the Centro owners “worked together to make the transition to the Woodfire Grill a positive experience for patrons as well as employees. The intent is to retain as many of the Centro employees as possible.”

“This is a dream opportunity in a dream facility to create an experience that is inviting and comfortable for a broad cross section of a people,” said Christianson, developer of the Depot Crossing in Grinnell, Iowa, and the Button Factory restaurant in Muscatine, Iowa.

“We’re pleased to find an operator with Toby’s track record for successful independent niche restaurants for the Redstone,” said Curtis Beason, chairman of the RME.

Centro opened in June 2004 with owners investing $1.5 million in the renovation and construction in the Redstone Building, which once housed the flagship store of the Von Maur department store chain. The same owners had opened the first Centro in Des Moines in 2002.

“We believe in the potential of the Redstone, and have enjoyed being part of the community,” said Paul Rottenberg, owner of Centro. “The restaurant has a lot of loyal patrons, and we believe the Woodfire Grill will pick up where we’ve left off in terms of creating a great urban dining experience for the entire community.”

Both Beason and Rottenberg acknowledged that rumors were rampant for months about the future of the restaurant.

Beason said Wednesday that while both sides were renegotiating the lease, which expired Aug. 31, “we wanted to maintain a level of economics. There were economic issues,” although he said the RME was not seeking a rent increase from Centro. But sometime in July, both sides began trying to find a new tenant.

Rottenberg said money never was an issue.

“It wasn’t so much a disagreement over terms,” he said. “The lease was up. We made a decision that we wanted to concentrate on Des Moines.”

Because of Centro’s commitment to the Quad-City area, he said its operators wanted to help find another tenant. But it didn’t happen right away. “There was a point this summer when it seemed like it might not come together.”

The new menu includes items such as hickory grilled sirloin meatloaf, wild bourbon salmon, flatbread wood-fired pizzas, filet medallion trios, strawberry spinach salad and a variety of homemade soups, salads and gourmet sandwiches. Also planned are rotating exhibits of paintings, sculpture and other artwork from local artists.

Doug Schorpp can be contacted at (563) 383-2292 or Comment on this story at


What’s changed: Centro, which has occupied a first-floor space in the Redstone Building in downtown Davenport since 2004, will close Dec. 31.

What’s new: Redstone Woodfire Grill, which will offer “an upscale casual dining experience,” is slated to open in January.

What about those gift

certificates: Centro representatives said there are about $10,000 worth of Centro gift certificates that have not been redeemed. They said customers can redeem them up until Dec. 31 at the Davenport location. After that, customers must use them at the Des Moines restaurant.

QuadCityImages said...

Most people would find it strange for an Alderman to brag about bad news coming from within his ward.

I'm planning a post later about Centro and Savitris.

Outside Looking In said...

I think the good news is that the Redstone Wood Fired Grill will open. I am not so sure CENTRO's closing is as much about Davenport as it is about the owners need to consolidate their economic base, according to the article in the Quad City Times.

We don't know enough about CENTRO's debt load to know what economic issues they were faced with, but it is reasonable to assume that if there is a need to consolidate, a business will consolidate to it's base business. In this case, for CENTRO, that meant Des Monies.

As far as Keith's comment is concerned, if he thinks the news would some how have influenced the election, he is delusional.

The new Redstone Wood Fire Grill is a testament to the faith of an established businessman in the economics of the new venture. I would guess the core of the CENTRO enterprise in Davenport was successful, however, it may not have been as successful as CENTRO had projected. The new owners have recognized the potential of the venture and are committed to make the transition.

Lisa said...

To Anon at 4:30 on 11/7:

Thank God for America, indeed! Our basic freedoms are what allows EACH OF US - including everyone you list - to decide which candidates and ideas to support.

I did not accept any money from Davenport One, nor did anyone supply me with a "campaign manager". The PAC that offered me support (with Loxi Hopkins as its treasurer, no less) contributed only $450 IN-KIND for the photographer who took the pics for my brochures. That's it. (And they placed the $ value on that contribution, not me.)

And instead of perceiving the others on your list as coming out against Mr. Ambrose (as he said in the paper), the reality is quite the opposite: they came out in support of me. There is a difference.

I am proud that so many people with so many divergent political points of view got behind my campaign - including Scott County Treasurer Bill Fennelly (a Republican), my own father, fiance and future in-laws (all Republicans), County Board President Jim Hancock (a Dem) and organized labor (a mix of all party affiliations, but mostly Dems).

The newspaper's editorial board (which includes two private citizens and Bill Wundram, among others) made their decision after interviewing every candidate who was willing or able to show up. I had no influence over their endorsement, aside from offering honest answers - some of which I know directly conflict with the opinions of some of the paper's editors.

In any case, there is a good reason each of these people and groups got behind me -- they think I can do a superior job and wanted to share that opinion with others. As is their right in (Thank God for) America.

And no one ever said that Mr. Ambrose "killed the animals at the zoo". A ward resident wrote a letter to the paper pointing out that this project (funding the Fejervary Zoo with tax dollars) was Mr. Ambrose's lone agenda in the last two years and that he clearly didn't stay on top of it.

Mr. Ambrose either didn't know what was going on OR didn't bother to draw attention to it so it could be corrected, and that is what seems to have wrankled this resident.

As for "taking care of his ward", well . . . we clearly disagree on that point. Of course I don't lay complete blame at Ambrose's feet for the slow erosion of the west side of Davenport, but I feel very confident in saying that he has done very little to IMPROVE quality of life or economic conditions.

Merely attending the required meetings, waiting for the phone to ring with a complaint and basically flying under the radar does not take a community forward. It fosters inertia.

Nonetheless, I hope my campaign raised some awareness and maybe gets him off the dime. I'll support any good idea he brings to the table to improve the 4th ward. That's a promise.

Lisa Lewis

Walnut said...

You go girl! It has got to be hell for Ambrose knowing that you are waiting in the wings for him to screw up. Talk about a slow political death. Proud to know you!

Anonymous said...

Ray Ambrose has overseen millions of dollars of development in the 4th ward, he sponsered an ordinance to get sex offenders off our streets, he supported the guardian angels, he voted to repeal the stormwater fee...and the list goes on. That is why the community chose Ray...they realize he is doing a great job for our ward.

Anonymous said...

what millions of dollars of development was Ambrose responsible for?

Lisa said...

For what it is worth, it occurs to me that my last comments might come off a bit harsh - and I don't intend to imply any disrespect toward Mr. Ambrose for serving for ten years. I really don't.

I just think our approach to service and our ideas differ greatly.

More than anything, I am offended by statements such as "she had people lie about him" -- something I'd never do.

I also take real exception to the repeated theme of "thank(ing) God for America". It's as if anyone who voted for me doesn't live in America or isn't as American as those who voted for the incumbent.

Call me crazy, but I think we all live in the same country and share the same right to express our opinion - at the polls and elsewhere. Being FOR one person doesn't always mean you are AGAINST someone else as a person. It's not always as personal as many folks make it out to be.

Anyhow, I always get a little sick to my stomach when anyone cloaks him or herself in the flag in the name of maligning someone they don't agree with or justifying an uninformed position.

I realize that this kind behavior is "America", too - but it's certainly not the USA at its finest.

My opinion. Your mileage may vary.

Lisa Lewis

QuadCityImages said...

That post alone should be worth another 87 votes for you Lisa.

I worked with Ambrose at the Figge bus stop tent during RiverWay06, and came away feeling that the guy means well, but he's just too far behind the times.

Some of his supporters don't mean so well.

Shelley said...

Wow-Keith comment! We've been watching the election fallout from the road-this is a great laugh out loud way to start the day!! Thanks. Grants, NM to Wichita today-yeeha.

Anonymous said...

To Meyer or anyone else:

Please explain the connection between a restaurant closing and an election day???? Does the city own and/or run this place?

They announced that 2 restaurants closed out on Utica Ridge before election day !!

Anonymous said...

There is no connection between a restaurant closing and the results of the election. The restaurants on Utica Ridge closing and Centro's closing are private businesses closing based on business decisions. The success of the 53rd street area and the success of downtown are not measured by any of these closings.

I doubt we will hear anything from Alderman Meyer to clarify what point he was trying to make. Innuendo seems to be all we can get out of him.

Anonymous said...

More Meyer conspiracy. How do take a restaurant closing and conscrew that to an election? The entire city of Davenport was watching & praying for Boom Tuesday night. Our prayers were answered!
As one poster put it "Our national nightmare in the 3rd ward is over!"