Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday Morning Open Thread

I drove down to Wildcat Den earlier this week to see what was left of the fall colors. I knew I was late in the season, but had hoped for some good images anyway. I got a few, which I may post later, but it was clear that I was a couple weeks late.

I also swung through Muscatine, and was very impressed with some of the progress happening in their downtown. I'll have to return (possibly in the Spring) and take a walk around to see more.


Anonymous said...

Didja hike the trail that makes the circuit around the base of the hill and up the timber stairway at the head of the canyon?

Always good artsy foto subject material there regardless of season.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is cool. I like that photo.

Anonymous said...

We drove the Miata thru there 2 weeks ago. The trees were a brilliant yellow then. It's cool to drive thru something like that, with the top down, and look look up at the colors. Unfortunatly, didn't have the camera with us.

QuadCityImages said...

Yeah, its really an amazing drive in any season. Unfortunately, between my dirty windshield and the dreary sky that day, none of the shots I took of the curvy, leaf-covered road really came out.

And as far as the trail, it was about 45 out so my girlfriend had pretty much had enough when we got to the first rock formation.

I definitely felt like the colors would have been amazing a week or two ago, because a decent amount of leaves were still on the trees.