Monday, November 05, 2007

Davenport Election'07 Endorsements

Just for reference, here are Cruiser's preferences, the QCTimes endorsements, and my endorsements from 2005.

Mayor: Bill Gluba
I'm not 100% in favor of either of these candidates. Yerington just brings too much history, and I disagree with much of what he would like to do as Mayor. Let's not forget the witch-hunt group, Citizens Against Political Abuse, which is much more recent evidence that Yerington will not shy away from controversy. Unfortunately, Gluba seems to be using the same kind of feisty speech that you would expect from a partisan politician. Hopefully he can settle down and run a (relatively) calm council.

At-Large: Ian Frink
I'm only endorsing one candidate for At-Large, for two reasons. I think that Jen Olsen or Gene Meeker will do an alright job, but I have some issues with each of them. Frink is a clear choice, as he's done his very best to stay above the fray of our current council, as difficult as that has been. Aside from his (and others') recent screwup on the rent-to-own consent agenda item, he does his research, travels to learn more about things that could benefit Davenport, and asks the important questions of staff in private instead of grandstanding on TV.

1st Ward: Nate Brown
After endorsing Gibbs in '05, I learned that his personal life hasn't been so great since being Mayor either. Obviously he would have been better than Van Fossen, but fortunately for us a new choice has arrived. Nate Brown is very well-spoken and thoughtful, and he's doing his best not to be on either "side" of the council. He's someone that I believe even people who disagree with his vote will be able to respect.

2nd Ward: Thomas Carnahan
Unfortunately, this is pretty much a vote-against. Shawn Hamerlinck is also thoughtful and well-spoken, but he also tells people what they want to hear rather than what may be the right thing for Davenport. His desire to micromanage city staff concerns me, as I shudder to think of 10 elected amateurs trying to run the day to day operations of a city of 100,000. We have this system of government for a very good reason. Our current 1st Ward Alderman demonstrates it well.

3rd Ward: Bill Boom
Both a vote-for and a vote-against. Can't ask for an easier choice than that. Alderman Meyer has been scaring away not only potential residents and businesses, but potential council members. As I've said before, a council meeting should not be awkward and uncomfortable to endure. Bill Boom intends to create a mini-council, or a 3rd Ward Council, made up of people from different areas of the ward. He's well-spoken and able to understand the way cities work in the real world.

4th Ward: Lisa Lewis
This ward could really use a change, but I don't know if they know what they're missing out on. As the Times and others have said, any candidate who shuns computers doesn't have a place in sitting on a Davenport City Council in 2008. Lisa Lewis brings the new perspective of someone who has recently returned to her hometown, hopefully with equally new and helpful ideas.

5th Ward: Doug Cunningham
Bill Lynn is probably the only person on the existing council who I sometimes wonder if he really has Davenport's best interests in mind. Hamerlinck, Meyer, Ambrose, etc... even when I disagree with them, as I frequently do, I know that they just have a different idea of what's best for our city. The sneaky ways that Lynn has been doing things over the last 2 years, and the shady people he is so strongly defended by, should give anyone pause before reelecting him. As Cunningham has said, if you feel that the 5th Ward has improved lately, vote for Lynn. If not, vote for change.

6th Ward: Jeff Justin
I like Dale Gilmour, but I don't think he would vote in a way that I would like. It seems like he's shifted away from his place between the two sides where I felt he sat in 2005 when I endorsed him. I must say that he would make an excellent and I believe honest spokesperson for the Lynn/Hamerlinck side of the council. Jeff Justin has been in this community for decades, and will be a professional and intelligent member of the council. He seems to represent the feelings of the 6th Ward better than his opponent.

7th Ward: Barney Barnhill
While he may come across badly sometimes on TV, if you actually listen to what Barnhill says at council meetings, much of what he says is good stuff. My opinion of him has actually increased over the last 2 years, and I've heard that he provides good service to those living in his ward. I'd like to see Marcia Patch stay involved and maybe gain some name recognition and participate in local politics a little more before she runs again.

8th Ward: Mike Matson
He actually believes that Davenport is a good place to live already! I agree, and I think that more people in Davenport feel this way than we hear on the blogs. Either of the candidates for 8th Ward sound like they would do a good job, but I'm going with Matson because I know he will keep pushing for a higher quality of life in Davenport.


Anonymous said...

QCI - why are you such a coward? What the hell is wrong with you? One at large endorsement. Hey QCI - there are two choices.

Anonymous said...

Read his post again, he explained why.

QuadCityImages said...

I am indeed curious how my indecision makes me a coward. I worry about some of Meeker's decisions when he was with D1, and I worry about the fact that Olsen doesn't see how much damage her well-meaning friend Alderman Meyer does. I don't think she would make council meetings awkward and uncomfortable to sit through, but some of her statements worry me as far as keeping the circus out of city hall.

I don't even know who I'm going to vote for later today for the 2nd At-Large position, so how can I endorse someone?

cruiser said...

I wish we would have done a post on who we think would get elected, instead of just who we thought would be the best. We don't view your indecision as the coward's way out because in this election a lot of races are too close to call. As long as people vote for whomever they feel is best for the job, we'll all be winners.

Anonymous said...

QCI - It's scary how much we think alike on these city elections. I agree with your picks and predictions...and I'm old enough to be your dad!!

Kirsten said...

I'm so happy to see someone endorsing Tom Carnahan for the 2nd Ward, even if it is a "vote-against" as you call it. I think voting for Tom is voting for a better Davenport. It's a vote for change, growth and positive leadership. I just hope enough of the people in the 2nd ward feel the same way. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

From The Colonel,
QCI, nice to see you out in Blog land again.
Who will win:
Gluba,Frink & Olsen. Brown,Hammer,Meyer,Lisa,Lynn,Justin,Barney & Matson...

Who should win:
I would have liked Bloom to win, but it is what it is. Upset of the night will be the fall of Ambrose. And look for the Mayoral race to be somewhat tighter then what most think. It's Gluba, but not a run away.
I am not an supporter of Olsen, but I think she has demonstrated the ability to lead. Only time will tell if she is a one or two term elected.
Go Vote...


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you aren't supporting Meeker on this one. You're always harping on candidates needing to have Davenport's best interest in mind, and the guy's got decades worth of proof of that. I agree with most of your choices, but I can't on this one.

Anonymous said...

Supporting Davenport is one thing supporting Davenport ONE is another.

Kyle said...

Im frankly not as familiar with many of the candidates as I should be. I will simply say I have never met or seen an adlerman or mayor that truly understand what it takes to bring Davenport to the next level as a post industrial American city so that we are not perpetually stuck in 1967.

Anonymous said...

Meyer's parting gift to the City of Davenport and the Third Ward!

Alderman files lawsuit against mayor, city administrator

Why on election day would you announce the filing of the lawsuit? Maybe Meyer's way of offering a one-finger-salute to all of us knowing he will not be re-elected.

Anonymous said...

I like Frink and Olsen my self. Both seem to be smart and good people. Family people. They seem to get along with each other and at seems like Frink may have listened to her along the way here. I think they can compliment each other nicely. I also like Lewis over Ambrose and Cunningham over Lynn. People, get a clue on Lynn please. He is in with the slumlords. So is Phil.

Anonymous said...

So you won't vote for Meeker because he helped create D1? People need to get over this irrational fear of DavenportOne. It's typically used as a scapegoat for anything that goes wrong in the City, half the time of which they had nothing to do with. The great things D1 has created often get credited to someone else (i.e. the recent success of the I-80 Industrial site). In fact, I'd bet you that a good 7 out of 10 people that claim to dislike D1, can't name 10 of it's major goals, let alone the title of all 3 divisions if put on the spot. I can't stand the idea that someone wouldn't vote for a great man like Meeker for fear of an organization they likely don't even know all of the facts about.

QuadCityImages said...

Yeah, it does bother me that so many people seem to hate D1 just because of the Downtown Partnership division, but I also think that they don't do a good enough job of advertising what else they do. The fact that most people can't name their programs isn't only an strike against most people, it says to me that D1 doesn't sell itself well.

My issue with Meeker isn't "D1," its more the Downtown Partnership's "any business moving into downtown is good business" plan of the past (and maybe still in place?).

Anonymous said...

At the risk of garnering the wrath of a huge segment of bloggers, please let me say that I personally dislike Chambers of Commerce and CofC people as a class. If the CofC wants it, it can't be good for the taxpayer.

I assume that this D1 is the local fancy name for the CofC.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Chambers support the growth of business and neighborhoods, which REDUCES your taxes in the long run with additional taxbase to spread costs of city maintenance. The old 1950's image of old men smoking cigars and plotting against the blue collar worker is a dated misconception people need to let go of.

Anonymous said...

To your point QCImages - I beleive you've got a good head on your shoulders and I agree with you the vast majority of the time.
Although, I think it is out of character for you to take a position against the Downtown Partnership for such a flimsy, and openly unresearched opinion. It's not like you, especially as your downtown opinions are typically informed and sound. To be more blunt, I don't beleive that there's a policy of that nature that I've heard of, and if anything I've noticed an uptick and focus on residentail, which is exaclty what the DT needs.

walnut said...

I pray you get your way! Great picks and sound reasoning.

QuadCityImages said...

Well, that's why I had the question mark of whether that policy is still in effect. I've seen several things that make me think that D1 realizes that not all new things are good for downtown. This was more to do with the 3rd Street Mart.

Anonymous said...

Good bye Keith - - hopefully forever.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to Keith too! Woohoo! I appreciate your understanding QCImages, and your usual civil approach to a disagreement. To put a finish touch to the discussion, I'd like to point out that NOBODY actually lobbies to have joins like 3rd St. Mart, and proof of D1's disapproval of more of the same came when they organized DT locals and shot down the person trying get a license for a new liquor store DT on Brady earlier this year.