Monday, March 12, 2007

Rooftop Panoramic

Inspired by the Inside Dope's panorama pieced together from multiple pictures at the Barack Obama rally, I decided to try out something like this. My camera came with some software to do it, so I went up on the roof with my tripod and took some pictures facing off to the East.

Here's what I ended up with. As always click for a larger (much larger) view.
I'm pretty happy with the result, so you can probably expect more of these in the future. Also, I took a lot more pictures around downtown and got a tour of the new Mississippi Lofts, so expect those posts in the next 2 days.


Shelley said...

Hey, I can almost see my house from there! Nice picture! Think of the possibilities when Builders moves out.

Anonymous said...

That's W.G. Block's yard you're looking at, and they're not moving anywhere.

QuadCityImages said...

Everything I've heard over the years has said that W.G. Block is quite willing to vacate that land when the right project comes along. Its the possible future site of "The Crossings at Davenport," if that's still being worked on.

Block has been a pretty good neighbor/downtown resident.

OK, a fly is an animal. Sort of. said...

Sweet pic. Not. I wonder what it would take Block to move from the riverfront, if and when the others do.