Sunday, March 04, 2007

Guest Post from the Colonel
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So Ronnie VanFossen is in the paper again, this time claims of sexual harassment. Blog readers need to understand this has been a problem for years down at City Hall, and one administration has tried to grasp. Unfortunately, our local elected have stood in the way.

What am I talking about? Folk’s I am talking about the supervisory capacity (or lack of) of a public employee position that makes some good bucks. The Council Assistant does the letters, phone calls and such for our elected. But there is no supervision or accountability.

The last council assistant (Robin) had a “relationship” with then Alderman Tappendorf (must be something about the 1st ward water), and really came and went as she pleased. I am told by good sources that two years ago, prior to Ms. Webb’s employment, City Administrator Malin pleaded with the council to redirect that position with-in Administration. Lead by Barney Barnhill, the request was quickly rejected.

You see, it’s all about accountability. Ms. Webb (and before that, Ms. Linville (Robin), never wanted to be accountable to anyone. Heck, it’s easier to have ten bosses that come and go, then just one. And some elected view this as the last wall or fortress between the elected and administration. Just think about it, if administration oversaw the council secretary, who will make the coffee? Worse, how will the secretary drive alderman “A” here or there?

Some important questions to ask here! When was the last time the ten elected council folks sat down and gave Ms. Webb a job evaluation? Which alderman knew about the allegations from Ms. Webb, and what did they do from a supervisory position. And finally Ms. Webb, how can you sit down at a bar with your supervisor (also a married man in a struggling marriage) and not view this as a really bad idea?

Folks can’t have it both ways. And that’s the problem down at city hall. Maybe Mr. Dolan was correct, with his observation of Monica Lewinsky. It’s difficult to play footsy with your boss, and not have people start to judge and talk. Foolishness (even unintended) seems to bread when a lack of accountability is prevalent. Only ten elected officials have the ability to fix this.

Good day,


Anonymous said...

Well said, but I don't see anything happening of this. The subject will fade in time and city hall will continue to faulter.

Anonymous said...

Robin and Tappendorf????? 400+ pound Robin??? Yuck!!

Anonymous said...

When Tappendorf is drunk I'm sure sheep could come into play!

Anonymous said...


Are your it was Cindy at a bar with Van F???? Could it be a past council women you are getting confused with?

What makes you think this behavior hasn't happened. You are a pig! A male pig. I bet you accuse raped women of wanting to be raped.

She was a hyena no doubt. We all know how much you hate hyenas - especially the ones living south of locust.

The Colonel said...

First, thanks to QCI for the guest post. My site has been down 1 month now, and Blogger has slowly worked to get it back. What can you expect for free!

The last post at 7:20 (spelling & grammer aside) asked if I was in the bar with Ms. Cindy & the alderman? No, I was not! But as mentioned on my site, I have recieved numerous e-mails over time (& pic's) of "friendly" behavior.

I never put the blame on Ms. Webb, but I believe a lot of folks have made some terrible decisions.

It will be interested to see if any one of the ten elected officials say anything at COW today.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Demo here:
Col for crying out loud, I've volunteered before to be your proof reader and grammarian; go re-read your essay and your 9:08AM comment.

Doggone it Man, in blogs and the internet in general the only credibility we have is based solely on our writings and you give yours away almost every time.

Otherwise not a bad blog subject, probably tick off the fly-poop tho. He hates anything other than see-no-evil hale-hearty-fellow let's-all-get-along'ness.

The Colonel said...

Yah, I always get in trouble with grammar when I type without WORD. It’s the reality of time. I have little of it (time), and want to enhance the most of it. So my post will always be quick, to the point and always as my mind types it. If you want pure journalism, seek out historical Buckley. If you want to know what’s going on at city hall, check out the Colonel!!

Sources tell me NONE of the elected officials talked about the mess Alderman Van Fossen is in (at COW). As I understand it, lips are tight until the Committee schedule debate is finalized. I have been told they need Ronnie’s vote before he goes on “a special vacation”.

So sorry Conservative Dem., love my strengths and weaknesses. Sooner or later, I will be back. And all of you will really know what’s going on at City Hall.

Until then, God Bless, Good Day….


* PS – Completed without word or spell check! 

Anonymous said...

Conservative Demo here:

The Rt Hon Col sez "seek out historical Buckley". Hah!, I'm ahead of you there. I have Wm F's archives as a favorite already and I do read his semi-weekly current columns. Along with Garrison Keillor's weekly of course.

Snarky Chick said...

The latest in the drama really makes you wonder what's happening.