Thursday, March 15, 2007

LeClaire Park Improvements

Expanded LeClaire Park planned -QCTimes

The planning process for some changes at LeClaire Park is beginning. The casino is almost certainly leaving the riverfront, and there's going to be a lot of surface parking that has never been a good thing for LeClaire Park. Imagine a blank slate from the lock and dam to the bandshell, with citizens deciding what happens with it.

The QCTimes article didn't emphasize it, but this is being done entirely without paid consultants. The citizens of Davenport are being asked what we want, and they really are going to listen to us. The members of city staff in charge of this process really believe in public input, and hope that this can be a model for future planning processes. This isn't the casino meetings all over again.

The kickoff meeting is scheduled for 6:30PM on Monday, March 26th, at the River Music Experience. However, if you just can't wait until then to weigh in on this, there will be a sneak preview TODAY (Friday) at noon. This will be held at the Design Center/Parking Office, which is located at 2nd and Brady in the first floor of the MidAmerican Building. Its part of the Design Center's Friday lunch bag series of meetings and discussions aimed at downtown workers. Hopefully lots of folks will grab a sandwich and head down to the meeting to share there thoughts for LeClaire Park. If you can't make the sneak preview, I hope everyone comes out to the kickoff meeting on the 26th.

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Anonymous said...

Whatever they do, I hope they make sure it is active recreation. Simply a big swath of grass wont get the job done.

And yes, I know the area is prone to flooding, but we can be thoughtful and creative to solve those issues.

I defintely want to see piers or other ways to get out onto the water a bit. That area below the dam is excellent for fishing. I think it's too turbulent for a boat pier, however.

The kayak and canoe rental is a great idea as well, but needs to be quite a ways downstream from the tailwater.