Saturday, September 01, 2007

QCI: Cynic?

Anonymous posted this last night on the previous thread:
Hey QCI - I have noticed that your cynical side is showing lately. You are becoming rude and kind of a smart ass. What gives? You always criticized people who act that way.
You're right, Anonymous. My cynical side is really my main side (ask people who know me in real life), but I'm normally an optimistic cynic. Unfortunately, sometimes I get tired of it all..

Lately I'm just sick of the circus.

I'm sick of Alderman that should never have been elected drinking, driving, harassing, etc.
I'm sick of landlords being the unseen 11th Alderman.
I'm sick of 10 minute discussions on friggin garbage stickers.
I'm sick of conspiracy theories, and actual conspiracies.
I'm sick of Aldermen who can't think for themselves.
I'm sick of being younger than everyone on the council yet wanting to tell them to grow up.

Some of these folks on the council treat it all like a big game, but the circus atmosphere at City Hall is doing serious damage to Davenports reputation, and ability to attract new businesses and residents. As good as Davenport is doing now, which I believe is pretty good, think how much better things would be if we had a council that acted like professionals.

Unfortunately, the circus is a self-perpetuating problem. The pros that we need on the council are too smart to throw themselves into the center ring. Some are brave enough to think they can change things, and I applaud these people.

Other than try and vote for people who can stay above the fray, what can we do? If you've got a blog, you can start getting angry and smart-assed until someone points it out, and then realize you're only contributing to the problem.


Anonymous said...

Good for you for having set views. Everyone is entitled to that. Who are you thinking of supporting this fall in each ward/mayor?

Anonymous said...

QCI: What is your solution? What would you want to see at city hall? Do you want people to just take everything at face value? I don't understand.

Don't you think that Malin is to blame for a lot of this circus?

Anonymous said...


Be careful not to paint with too wide a brush, it can hide the details. I agree with much of your assessment, however, from time to time the council does the right thing, downtown standards is one that comes to mind along with several new businesses helped with incentives and the 100 homes program. All of these happened in spite of some of the aldermen who generally are obstructionist and special interest.

I can think of one alderman who stays above the fray and acts with an open mind to the betterment of the city of Davenport. This alderman has initiated or has been a leader in bringing a consensus to initiatives that would otherwise get lost in the rhetoric of aldermatic sound bites and pandering to special interests. The alderman does his work behind the scenes with a sincere interest in improving Davenport.

The attributes to look for in the current crop of candidates? Problem is, until they are elected and demonstrate a track record, you won't know if your vote was the right vote. Oh, by the way, I am not thinking of Meyer.

Anonymous said...

For you QCI and the rest of us tired optimistic cynics. Enjoy the beautiful weekend!

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function. One should, for example, be able to see that things are hopeless and yet be determined to make them better.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Anonymous said...

The ever elusive consensus. I would not be too quick to confuse consensus with power. Or stature, or simply who ya know. Consensus is not had on the 100 homes program, it is the power structure that prevails. Not to say it is a bad program, but don't call the city telling people how its going to be - consensus, because it is not.

That is how it happens most often.

Anonymous said...


Yes, consensus. For example:

The 100 Homes program began roughly 18 months ago. The consensus was built between local participating banks, city staff and the city council to fund the program. There were many neighbohood meetings to explain the program and ask for input. I am not sure of the final number, but I think it was five. I was at two of them and felt that there were was oppurtunity for input.

11:08; did you go to any of them? If you did, what did you think of the meetings?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the solution is to bring back the partisan elections.

At least when one party has a majority, you will get consistency, and if you don't like their collective decisions, then at the next election, vote for the candidates of the other party.

We may not like the prevailing party's decisions, but the circus will stop, and that in and of itself is a benefit to all.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong consesus spewer. There was ONE neighborhood meeting, not to gain support, but to tell the neighborhoods how it's gonna be. Consensus my ass.

Frink is the same old same old. We will decide, tell you the plan and how a public meeting to say we did.

Snarky Chick said...

QCI - it's a beautiful weekend. Go for a walk on the river or on the Duck Creek bike path. Take your girlfriend to Vanderveer park. Enjoy. And have a Corona on me :)

Our city politics is hard to handle. It's why I take a week off every now and then to get rid of the ever pressing headache. Take some time of before the election talks really get going.

QuadCityImages said...

Hey, I'm not saying I don't know how to relax in my free time.

Its just that when I sit down at the computer to read the latest crap, or put together a post, I have been getting a bit testy.

Anonymous said...


You must have only gone to one. It was discussed at multiple all wards meetings.

Doesn't sound as though you were very motivated to participate earlier in the process.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, there was only ONE formal meeting on the 100 homes program - it was at United Neighbors. Yep - I was there. I read the proposal on numerous occasions. In fact, the neighborhood groups were told by Ian Frink that we were purposfully left out of the planning process because we would be the ones applying. This left the citizens in the neighborhoods out of the 'consensus building' time frame and shot us right to the 'I'm gonna tell you what your gonna do part'. By the time the meeting came, the plan was already planned without the input of the public.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but I real sick of the fluffy crap from the politicians and the city staff. I am glad you got a feel good plan for the central city, but don't make it sound like the people active here were involved in the plannin. Because we weren't. There was not a consensus built and Ian Frink did not accomplish that. Call a spade a spade please.

Anonymous said...


As I suggested, you missed some of the earlier sessions.

I found this on Ian Frink's web site and the Davenport City web site.

"In November 2006, the City held an informal meeting at United Neighbors to talk about a new idea for a housing finance program. Those who attended learned about how the goal of the program is to encourage economic diversity in one or more low income neighborhoods by providing homebuyer assistance. The concept involved inviting neighborhoods to apply for the program. Then, qualifying buyers who purchase homes in the selected neighborhood(s) would be eligible for down payment and rehabilitation assistance.

Since then, the City Council has allocated $300,000 to this program, now called the 100 Homes Program. The name comes from the goal of providing assistance to 100 home buyers in one or more small neighborhoods over a several year period. Further, 11 lenders have committed funding to the program. The City has formed a Design Committee, which has drafted details about the program, including a draft neighborhood application form and draft program flyer."

Also, please see:

Anonymous said...

Additionally, a quick look found these reference to the 100 homes program. Some are all wards meeting, some summarize the program updates.

Keep in mind, Alderman Frink is at large and addresses issues city wide. All neighborhoods have issues and deserve representation. It seems to me that the targeted neighborhoods for the 100 homes got their fair share of attention.

If you take the time, you can look at the archives and find the all wards meeting information and notes at:

Nov 2006

December 2006

June 2006

July 2006

Anonymous said...

The concept of economic diversity actuallyt was born in Davenport by that group in the central city who fought that John Lewis project. It was those people who began the discussion, not Frink. In fact, Chicago projects are being dismantled to promote economic diversity. The city staff and leaders in davenport had ignored the concept for a long time and continued to take the easy way out by giving our public funds for redlining poverty in out urban areas.

Anonymous said...

So, 100 homes gets no credit for helping a neighborhood? The program is in place and will be availble to those who qualify.

No one said that there aren't committed groups working within the neighborhoods, there are. No one said 100 homes was first. I am greatly appreciative of anyone or any group that works to promote economic divesity. I only sited the 100 Homes as a positive acomplishment that was acheived through the consensus of those who participated.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again. The neighborhood groups were not invoted to participate in the planning of this program.. Do I need to draw a picture?

Anonymous said...

No need to draw a picture, your view has been expressed and your mind made up.

It's clear you are committed. I hope you and your group are successful with your initiatives. The more participation in the neighborhoods; the more the neighborhoods benefit and the city of Davenport benefits.

pioneer98 said...

QCI - I applaud blogs who can discuss local politics in a civil manner, but it is awful tough, probably in any city. I try to avoid blogging about ALL politics myself because I'm concerned I wouldn't be able to keep things civil. But I admit, it's really, really tough to avoid talking about sometimes.

QuadCityImages said...

Last year I tried not to just come flat out for and against candidates until my endorsement page, and tried not to slam on particular candidates overly much. In particular I held back with a lot of stuff I wanted to say about Van Fossen.

Then he wins, goes on to shame the city repeatedly, and now I'm wishing I had spread the word far and wide about him earlier and more.

That's why this year I'm coming out early against Yerington, Lynn, etc, and coming out early in support of Frink, Boom, Nate Brown, etc. Its not like I ever pretend to be completely unbiased anyway.

Anonymous said...


Just curious if your neighborhood group has reached out for help to your alderman? Has your group initiated programs or do you see your role as advisory? Not sure what ward you are in or if the neighborhood groups are in several wards, or what your group(s) goals are.

I would think a clearly stated, achievable set of goals to benefit your neighborhood(s) would be supported by your neighbors, aldermen and city staff. Have you asked for participation from your elected officials and city staff and been rejected? If you are looking for help and support, get the word out.

Good luck to you all

Anonymous said...


Oh go ahead, have some fun. I'm sure you can keep your perspective.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - I feel like I am debating with Clayton Lloyd.I;m though, you aren't hearing me.

Anonymous said...

With Lloyd, you might need him to take his medication or he would not be coherent, if the dementia rumors are true.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I appreciate the compliment

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of Lloyd, I think he has been horrible for this city and very difficult to deal with, but I don't think it is appropriate to report dementia rumors here. Or any rumors for that matter.

I have notice that with his approaching retirement, he is gtting more aggressive though.

Anonymous said...

I agree, and it may not be dementia, it may just be his old age and early senility, but either way he is getting too aggressive to serve the public well.

Anonymous said...

What are you all smoking?!! No one is more of a gentleman than Clayton Lloyd. If anyone is senile and agressive it's Meyer. He rants and raves about topics that are so far off base they are out of the ballpark. He thinks he is clever, but he is absolutely paranoid, inaccurate, rude, condescending and just plain nuts most of the time. Clayton's recall is photographic of any item from long ago or quite recent. Meyer tries to put words in people's mouths and then tries to play Gotcha!

He has done NO service for the third ward and any of the people on the ballot would be better than him. It will give Keith more time to go around picking up trash. I believe Clayton and Liz, not the third ward lunatic.

Anonymous said...

Clayton Lloyd is greatly appreciated and respected by his peers.

Those of us who have worked with Clayton in the Quad City community recognize his integrity and the sharp focus he brings to issues.

Meyer & his supporters have such
distorted views that there is nothing for them in anything the city or the council does.

All we hear about from Myer is what he is against, what's wrong and what could never be.

Anonymous said...

I am neither for or against Meyer, but I thought the poster at 1:37 pm made a good point. He said

"Clayton's recall is photographic of any item from long ago..."

This is a classic symptom of dementia. If indeed this is true, then it really may be time for Clayton to step down. I understand he will be stepping down soon anyway, so hopefully this whole discussion is acedemnic.

Anonymous said...

There you go again 7:09. Say the whole sentence, "or quite recent". Just like Meyer his supporters make arguments based on half truths and half the sentence. Read all of what 1:37 wrote and stop telling yourself Meyer is so great.

Anonymous said...

No vindication for Meyer.

Committee of The Whole moved the eServ deal on to the council agenda for approval. Meyer was the lone no vote.

The committee meeting was punctuated with Meyer's incoherent ramblings against the measure, Throw in his conspiracy plots of wrong doing by every imaginable supporter and participant in the deal and you have Meyer at his foul mouthed worst.

I can't imagine what he will come up with next. What paranoia inspired muck-raking campaign has he launched that is yet to surface?

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that Boom is on this post.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I am not a supporter of Boom or Meyer, but I think Clayton may have seen better days. Perhaps that is why he is retiring.

gina said...

QCI - great post and I couldn't agree more with the list of things to be sick of in Davenport. I especially like the aldermen that don't think for themselves. Being behind the scenes a lot I can assure the blogging public that there are many more aldermen that DON'T think from themselves than DO. Even when they change their mind it is often because one side of an issue just thinks louder them than the other. And Lynn's latest gift to the landlord has changed my opinion, and how I vote for him. Wish he had run for mayor to assure he would be out.

Anonymous said...

I think the 2 million dollar mark for the rent of the River Center is right on target. The only wierd thing at City hall right now is Meyer.

Anonymous said...

The Meskwaki deal is a little weird and probably not legal. No Indian lands in Davenport.

If Davenport gave them land, it would not become Indian land without the Federal Bureau Of Indian Affairs and legislation.

I am glad to hear that the the rent figure is high enough to kill any serious consideration for casino use.

Now, if Meyer would just go away.

Anonymous said...


Your picks for Mayor & Alderman?

Anonymous said...

I want....
Mayor Yerington
1st Gibbs
2nd Hammerlink
3rd Boom
4th Ambrose
5th Lynn
6th Gilmore
7th Davis
8th Schabiellion
At Large Frink & Meeker

QuadCityImages said...

And I'm guessing that was not Gina.

Anonymous said...

It was obviously somebody much smarter.

Anonymous said...

Gina behind the scene? Must be looking through the cracked open door of the closet.

She only sees a narrow view of what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Really - Gina you crazy! With Lynn, Boom and Meeker - you sure want another fighting and greedy council. With your picks, I see more tax dollars wasted and the slumlords taking over.

QuadCityImages said...

Like I said, I don't think that was her. It looks like it was someone else responding to the question.

Anonymous said...

The pic I don't like is Meeker. Otherwise Gina picked a good group.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Gina did well!